Roof Flashing and What it Means to Your Home

Your roof is an essential part of your home’s structure. It protects the building against the elements and ensures that your walls and personal belongings stay dry. Since moisture protection is one of a roof’s primary functions, it follows, then, that your roof should be completely waterproof.

Without proper roof flashing, your roof can allow water to seep inside your home. Keep reading to learn more about roof flashing and why it matters to your home.

What is Roof Flashing?

Usually, flashing is a strip of galvanized metal, for example, copper or aluminum. Installation of these strips is necessary to waterproof and protect places where there is a joint between roof surfaces. Examples of these areas include dormer tops and roof section joints like valleys.

Flashing also serves to keep moisture away from joints between roof surfaces and chimneys, skylights, and vents. Since joints between the roofing and these structures are open and susceptible to water damage, installing flashing is crucial to safeguard these areas.

Professional roofing companies like Authentic Restoration provide property owners with flashing that is designated for installation around specific structures. Skylight, vents, and dormer suppliers may also offer flashing that is compatible with their products.

Why Does Flashing Matter?

Flashing protects vulnerable areas on your roof against moisture and the influx of debris and dirt. Water can have a pretty devastating effect on walls, roof trusses, and other structural components. If water enters your home in an uncontrolled manner, it can also damage your carpets and your personal belongings, for example, paintings and musical instruments.

According to All Dry USA, water leaks into your home can be more debilitating than one may think. It can increase the humidity in your home, stimulate the development of bacteria and mold, and initiate the decay process of wooden structures.

Without sufficient moisture protection, you may have to undergo extensive and costly repairs in the near future. By adequately installing high-quality flashing, you will save yourself a lot of trouble and money over the long run.

Proper Installation

Purchasing high-quality flashing that accommodates basic movements during temperature changes and that offers sufficient protection against moisture is not enough. You also have to install the flashing correctly on your roof.

If you have no professional experience in roof flashing, you may want to consider leaving the job to a professional and certified roofing company. Incorrect installation will not only result in moisture damage, but reinstalling flashing is costly and can be prevented.

Incorrect installation can also limit the lifespan of the flashing as it may become loose and susceptible to wind damage or bending.

After successful flashing installation, it can be beneficial to conduct annual roof inspections to ensure that your flashing is performing as it should and that your roof is in excellent condition.

Damaged or Malfunctioning Flashing?

Authentic Restoration specializes in roof flashing. We offer the following services:

  • Metal roof flashing
  • Roof to wall flashing installation
  • Roof edge flashing installation
  • Roof valley flashing installation
  • Roof flashing repair

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Watch Out for These Signs of a Potential Roof Collapse

roof collapse

Whether you are the owner of a residential or commercial property, the last thing you need is a collapsing roof. Not only can a collapsing roof result in damage to the rest of your property and belongings, but it can also be dangerous to any occupants. Restoring a roof that collapsed can also cost a good deal of money to repair.

You, therefore, have to do everything within your power to prevent your building’s roof from collapsing. The good news is that keeping an eye out for the signs can help you to prevent such a devastating event from taking place. Have a quick read below as the expert roofing contractors at Authentic Restoration take a closer look at preventing a roof collapse.

Things to Pay Attention Close To Before a Roof Collapse

Weather Damage

The first sign to look for is weather damage, especially after a severe snowfall, lightning storm, or wind. Weather damage that can eventually result in a collapsing roof include the following:

  • The weight of snow and fallen trees or branches
  • Loose chimney bricks or broken shingles,
  • Clogged water gutters and downspouts that can cause water accumulation and leaks

Sagging Roof and Support Structures

Sagging is a clear sign that your roof’s support structures are under strain. Decaying roof trusses, compromised gables, and structurally lacking walls may not be able to carry the weight of your roof for much longer if they start sagging.

A sagging roof may also be due to roofing materials that are too heavy for the support structures. Contact a professional roofer immediately to find the cause of the sagging and prevent the roof from collapsing.


Cracks in the exterior masonry, interior walls, or ceiling are signs of structural problems and insufficient roof support. Several underlying issues can cause these cracks, including foundation issues. A professional roofer will be able to identify the cause of a crack and recommend a suitable solution.

Water Leaks

The presence of water in places other than your plumbing is never a good sign, especially when it comes to your roof, attic, or ceiling. Inspect your property’s water drainage system for blockages and defects at least once per month.

Bending Door Frames

The first sign of structural movement is when your doors and windows are difficult to open or close. If a door-frame that was in perfect condition yesterday is severely bent today, take immediate steps to rectify the situation, especially if you notice additional problems like leaks or sagging.

Shifting Sprinkler Heads

If there is movement in the ceiling or pressure the pushes down from the ceiling onto the fire sprinklers, they will shift, push down, or move out of their housings. Misalignment of the fire sprinklers is a clear indication that your roof needs attention.

Preventing A Roof Collapse

There are several things that you can do to prevent your roof from collapsing. Firstly, conduct a routine inspection of your roof to detect sagging, moisture, mold growth, and broken shingles. Also, keep an eye out for the signs listed above.

When you notice cracks or deteriorating trusses, you need the services of a professional roofing company. Authentic Restoration is a team of roofing specialists who provide high-end roofing installation, maintenance, and repair solutions.

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Signs Your House Was Struck by Lightning

Lightning is the result of an abrupt and natural high-voltage electrical discharge between a storm cloud and the ground. Lightning occurs millions of times a day around the earth and is a common weather phenomenon. Recently there have been several lightning strikes in Raleigh, North Carolina that you may have seen on the local news!

Unfortunately, it often happens that a house or commercial building is standing between the positive and negative charges that form and initiate the electrostatic discharge between the cloud and the ground. In these cases, the lightning will complete its path through the house. As one of Raleigh’s top roofing companies we have seen the damage lightning strikes can cause on both residential and commercial properties.

What Happens When Lightning Strikes Your House?

Since lightning is an electrostatic discharge, it will form a power surge through electrically conductive materials such as metal and electrical wiring. Lightning will usually strike the highest point of the building and move through water pipes, rods, or wiring to form a connection with the ground.

Each strike of lightning contains about one billion volts of electricity. A lightning surge that moves through the metal structures and wiring of your home can, therefore, be incredibly destructive. Your home or office will most likely have severe damage and require intensive roof repair or replacement services.

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Lightning Strike Damage

Lightning can cause damage to your house in three common ways: fire, an explosive surge, and with shock waves.

Fire Damage

A lightning surge can emit enough heat to set surrounding materials like wood and insulation alight and cause a fire. A house’s roof and attic are especially susceptible to fire damage as it is usually close to the point that gets struck and conductive structures such as metal gutters and water pipes.

Power Surge Damage

In many cases, lightning will find its way to the ground via a home’s electrical wiring which can damage all devices and appliances that are connected to the electrical system.

Too much electrical pressure on the delicate electrical wires and components inside your computer, tv, or another device can cause them to burn, short, and stop working.

Shock Wave Damage

A direct lightning strike can emit shock waves powerful enough to move chimney bricks, roof shingles, and other roofing components. Falling bricks and shingles can cause severe damage to your roof.

Signs of a Lightning Strike

In most cases, you will be able to notice evidence of a lightning strike to your house, sometimes long after the hit. Common signs that your home was struck include:

  1. A power outage
  2. The presence of a fire or sparks
  3. The smell of melting plastic or smoke
  4. Physical damage to the structure of your property
  5. A humming or buzzing sound

If you are home during the strike, you may immediately realize that lightning struck your house because of the proximity of the loud sound and the proximity of the flash.

What Can You Do?

Having a metal and roof lightning protection system in place is critical to prevent a lightning strike and the resulting damage to your home.

If your house doesn’t have a roof lightning rod and a lightning strike damaged your roof, then Authentic Restoration can help. Our high-end roof lightning repair services are effective and affordable.

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Beautiful New Cedar Shake Roof

Bill S was skeptical at first when Authentic Restoration’s Alfred Pickett informed him he had enough hail damage on his 13 year old Cedar Shake Roof to warrant an insurance claim. After the Authentic Inspector, Scott, showed Bill the damage photos though, he called in a claim to Pure Insurance.

Within a week, Scott and Alfred met the Pure Representative on the roof for an extensive inspection. The roof and copper gutters were approved for a complete replacement! Over the next few weeks, the estimate items were discussed and debated a bit. Shortly thereafter, a satisfactory scope of loss was issued to Bill. Pure is a top notch Insurance Company to work with and they proved it once again for this Policy Holder.

Bill W upgraded to a Grade A Premium Cedar Shake shingle, the best available. Nathan was assigned as the Project Manager and planned the entire project out with support from Scott and Alfred. The demolition and install of new materials took 9 days. The results were stunning.

Bill S is a Professional in the Construction Industry and a pleasure to work with. He graciously took the time to write this note to Alfred and the Authentic Team:

I didn’t believe it at first. It took some convincing that this guy from Authentic was right about our roof damage.

After much investigation by our insurance carrier and conversations with their adjuster, I was ready to admit we needed a new roof. The hail damage, which occurred while we were out of town, did some serious damage to our thirteen year old cedar shakes.  I thought that the initial analysis by the Authentic Restoration representatives was probably stretched but after the engineer from the insurance company developed his analysis, I was convinced.

These guys at Authentic Restoration use the latest software which necessitates the use of a drone for a complete quote. They came to terms with the insurance adjuster and not long after that the materials were special ordered. The ordering of ice & water shield, cedar breather, premium grade #1 pressure treated cedar shingles, stainless nails and eave drip were set in motion to be delivered. Note that none of these items were used in the initial installation. The cedar shingles being removed were not premium, the initial nails were just steel. These guys from Authentic Restoration knew the process of installation and the proper materials were ordered for installation.

Removal and installation of the damaged cedar roof was accomplished in the time estimated. Supervision was daily by one of the Authentic guys and reports were written sometimes with a drone photo attached. We had a few items we wanted corrected and they were done promptly and within a few hours time. The way the roof was installed I would have absolutely no hesitation hiring them again and do highly recommend them for any future installs or replacements.  I am a bit of a construction freak when it comes to supervision as I have built enough and supplied enough materials in my 40 years in the industry to be skeptical of sub contractors. I have no hesitation to leave these guys alone and let them do their work without my eyes.

The 80 +/-  square roof looks great. I know it will be good past the cedar warranty of 30 years because of the quality installation. Thanks to the above representatives of Authentic Restoration: Alfred, Scott, Nathan.

Authentic Restoration has installed a variety of high end exotic roof materials such as Cedar Shake, Slate and Brava Synthetic Composites. If you’re looking for a Birmingham Roofing Contractor who will handle your roofing needs as if it were their own, call Authentic at 205-982-5252 and ask for Alfred, Scott or Nathan.

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Replacing a Storm Damaged Roof

Carline D lives in Moody, AL and was looking for the best roofing contractor to replace her storm damaged roof. She contacted Authentic Restoration and spoke with Nathan. Nathan came by that day and inspected the roof finding substantial hail damage. After showing the damage photos to Carline, she contacted her insurance company, State Farm, to file a claim for a complete roof replacement.

Later that week, Nathan met an Adjuster from State Farm and joined him on the roof for an inspection. After Nathan pointed out the roof hail damage, a complete roof replacement was approved. Nathan provided Carline with Owens Corning shingle samples, she chose Black as the color. Authentic Restoration roofers replaced the roof within a few weeks.

Carline D. had this to say “Nathan was great to deal with. The new roof looks good and the work was done quick. Would recommend to everyone I know.”

If you have a home in Moody, AL and are looking for the best roofing contractor to provide a free inspection, contact Authentic Restoration and ask for Nathan.

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Hail Damage Claim Results in Complete Roof Replacement

All the trees made photos tough on this job in Birmingham, AL but Shane’s Customer, Dariana D., was very happy with the result “Shane made my insurance claim for hail damage easy and he was responsive to calls during the process. It was raining the morning they came to take off my old roof and install the new one. When Shane arrived, he alleviated my concerns about re-roofing in the rain and stayed throughout the installation. The rain stopped after a few hours and they completed the job in 7 to 8 hours. They were hard working and made an effort to clean up around the house and they finished up.”

Dariana had previously contacted Authentic Restoration to request a free roof inspection. Shane promptly responded, hail damage was found on the roof. Dariana promptly called in a claim to her insurance company, State Farm.

Shane met the Adjuster from State Farm soon after and got on the roof to show him the damaged shingles. The roof was approved for a complete replacement! Shane brought shingles samples to her home, Dariana chose Black Shadow Atlas Glassmaster to install on her roof.

MaryEllen W was another Homeowner looking for the best roofers in the area. She called Authentic Restoration and Shane responded promptly. Damage was found during the roof inspection, MaryEllen was shown the damage photos. She Contact State Farm to File a Claim.

Shane met with the State Farm Adjuster a few days later and the roof was quickly approved for a complete replacement. Two weeks later and MaryEllen had a new roof!

MaryEllen was very satisfied with the quality workmanship provided by Authentic Restoration as wellas Shane’s Customer Service.

“We had a lot of hail damage from the last big storm and needed a new roof. Shane did a great job of communicating with our insurance company and firming up details. The men arrived on time, worked quickly and cleaned up afterwards. We would highly recommend them.”

Residents of Birmingham, AL who think they may have a damaged roof should contact Authentic Restoration and request Shane to come out to inspect their roof.


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Another Satisfied Customer in Springville, AL

Margaret S contacted Shane at Authentic Restoration after having been referred by several other satisfied Customers from Springville. Shane promptly came out to provide a free roof inspection and found significant hail damage. Damage photos were shown to Margaret who promptly called a claim in to State Farm for an insurance roof claim.

Shane brought an Xactimate estimate, for a full roof replacement, when he met the State Farm Adjuster. They both got on the roof, Shane showed the roof damage to the Adjuster who approved the claim.

Margaret looked at a number of shingle samples at her home when Shane brought them out to her. She chose Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Black shingles to install on her roof. Authentic Restoration provided a complete roof replacement in a few weeks with excellent results.

Margaret was very pleased with the roof replacement provided by her local roofing contractor, Authentic Restoration, and the excellent customer service provided by Shane.

“Shane did a very good job on my roof. I would recommend him to someone else.”

Do you live in Springville, AL and wondering if your roof has damage? Contact the best roofing contractor serving Springville, Authentic Restoration, and ask for Shane.

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State Farm Insurance Roof Replacement in Vestavia Hills, AL

Bobby P contacted Authentic Restoration when he was wondering if his roof had storm damage.

Scott promptly responded by driving over to the property, climbing on the roof and providing a free roof inspection. Scott showed Bobby the damage photos and stayed to answer any technical questions while the claim was called in.

A full roof replacement estimate was prepared, Scott took it with him when he met the State Farm Adjuster at the Vestavia Hills residence. Scott explained that the Homeowner had chosen Authentic Restoration to be his roofing contractor and proceeded to show the Adjuster the damage on the roof. The roof was subsequently approved for a full replacement.

Shingles samples were taken to the Homeowner’s residence at a time convenient to Bobby P. He chose the Certainteed Landmark dimensional shingle in the weathered wood color. Construction was scheduled and in a few weeks, Bobby had a new roof!

Bobby was very satisfied with the roof replacement provided by Authentic Restoration and had this to say:

“Great service. Worked quickly. Cleaned up very well behind themselves every day.”

If you’re wondering if your roof has been storm damaged and would like a free inspection, contact Authentic Restoration today.

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Alfa Insurance Roof Replacement in Columbiana, AL

Joyce H contacted Authentic Restoration when he was wondering if his roof had storm damage.

Shane promptly responded by driving over to the property, climbing on the roof and providing a free roof inspection. Shane showed Joyce H the damage photos and stayed to answer any technical questions while she called in the claim.

A full roof replacement estimate was prepared, Shane took it with him when he met the Alfa Adjuster at the Columbiana residence. Shane explained that the Homeowner had chosen Authentic Restoration to be her roofing contractor and proceeded to show the Adjuster the damage on the roof. The roof was subsequently approved for a full replacement.

Shingles samples were taken to the Homeowner’s residence at a time convenient to Bobby P. He chose the Atlas Pinnacle dimensional shingle in the Hickory color. Construction was scheduled and in a few weeks, Joyce H had a new roof!

Joyce H was a very happy Customer and provided Authentic Restoration with this testimonial:

“I enjoyed working with Shane and Authentic Restoration. He was very clear in discussing details of the pricing, materials used and great cleanup. Thanks for a great job! I would absolutely recommend!”

If you’re looking for the best roofing contractor serving Columbiana, AL, contact Authentic Restoration today.

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5 Most Common Shingles

brick house with gray roof
Every building requires a magnificent roofing design to stand out from the rest, and to withstand bad weather. To put a durable roof on that will withstand heavy downpours, storms, and shield the family from adverse weather conditions, you will need strong shingles. The type of shingles you choose will also affect the temperature and moisture levels in your house.  For Birmingham roof repair give us a call.

Shingles are roofing materials, which are laid in levels, from the bottom edge of the roof to the highest point. These pieces are arranged in courses, and are adjusted to overlap with the previous level. Mostly, shingles are flat and rectangular, and are made from wood, plastic, metal, asphalt, fiber cement, clay, and tile. They are excellent insulators against extreme temperatures, and can give any house a colorful look.

Different homeowners prefer different shingles for the roofing of their homes. The choice of shingles is very important, as different types provide different levels of light penetration, heat and cold insulation, installation, and maintenance costs. They also can have an impact on the strength of the house. Here are the 5 most common types of shingles you will see on the roofs in your area.

1. Asphalt

These are the most common and inexpensive types of shingles. They are either made of organic compounds, fiberglass, or a mix of both. A layer of fiberglass always provides more safety. Despite having a shorter lifespan and low insulation degree, these shingles come with several benefits. They are waterproof, inexpensive, moisture and fire resistant, lightweight, and UV ray resistant. They are found on many roofs in our area, as well as in many homes countrywide.

2. Clay

Clay shingles are not as common, and the addition of different colors and designs makes it hard to realize that they are made from clay. They are heavy, so they can only be used on homes that have a strong structure. Aside from their weight, high installation costs, and brittleness, clay shingles possess excellent fire resistance, heat insulation and reflection, longevity, and energy efficiency.

3. Metal

These shingles are highly common due to their availability and long lifespan. They are available in zinc, aluminum and copper materials. They are manufactured with a low galvanized metal, thus making them maintenance free. However, they can be noisy when its raining, and are expensive to purchase and install.

The benefits of metal shingles include fire resistance, light weight, durability, solar reflecting capabilities, and they can be recycled. Metal shingles can also be used to harvest rainwater by attaching gutters at the edges of the roof and channeling them to a tank.

4. Slate

Slate shingles are cut from natural stone. They are really appealing and are available in black, green, red and grey. They are not found on many roofs due to their scarcity, poor penetration of light, and heaviness. However, they are waterproof, fire resistant, long lasting, and can withstand the coldest of temperatures.

5. Wood

Wood shingles have been preferred by a good number of homeowners, but they are quite costly when compared with asphalt. They are provided in various materials such as redwood, cedar, and southern pine. They are, however, prone to mold, termites, and easily shrink and crack after it rains. They are neither fire resistant, nor moisture proof. On the brighter side though, they are light, long-lasting, beautiful, wind resistant, and energy efficient.

When roofing a house, you have to consider all the possible and inevitable weather changes that happen there. Additionally, the extreme seasons (Summer and Winter) should compel you to buy the roofing shingles that can withstand extreme heat and freezing cold. The presence of storms and strong winds (especially tornadoes) should also be factored in during the purchase of shingles.


The above list of shingles gives a clear view of the most affordable, durable and most appealing shingles to have on your home. It is upon you, the buyer, to choose the best shingles for your budget, and those that will provide great protection for extreme weather conditions. Some shingles have a lifespan of 50 years, with very little maintenance, while others will call for constant renovations, treatments, and replacements.