Temporarily Patch a Roof

brick and white home with dark gray roof
If you have already contacted your roof technician to come out, because your roof started leaking, then you will want to maintain it temporarily until they get there.  It is important to do this, because anything you do to protect your roof while you are waiting for the roofers will help prevent additional damage. (more…)

The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters

red brick house with a new slate gray roof
Neglected gutters are a huge problem for many people across the nation. The importance of keeping them clean is necessary to prevent damage to your home. If you neglect cleaning your gutters, it can cause damage such as roof leaks, foundation damage, wood damage, and safety hazards. Here is a more in-depth scenario to put it into perspective. (more…)

What Can Cause Roof Damage

roof marked for leaks or damage
Taking care of your roof is one of the most important parts of being a homeowner. Since we are literally talking about the roof over your head, you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to protect it. That includes avoiding a few things as well. So, today we’re going to discuss a few things you should avoid doing, for the sake of your roof. (more…)

How To Inspect A Roof

slate roof on a large home
By regularly inspecting your roof, not only will you be able to avoid the irritation of leaks, but you’ll also prolong the life of your roof. Despite this, many people don’t know how to inspect their roof in a way that’s both safe and effective. (more…)

Annual Roofing Inspections Is It Worth The Cost

house on a lake with a gray roof
Out of all the costs that you could incur as a homeowner, home maintenance is one of the largest and most unpredictable ones. When it comes to roofing, the costs can skyrocket if you fail to keep up with maintenance properly. (more…)

Differences Between 3 Tab and Architectural Shingles

There are many different types of roofing materials used today, but one of the most common ones is asphalt. Asphalt shingles are widely used in the U.S., given the fact that they’re fairly inexpensive and quite easy to install. (more…)

Major Home Renovations Including a Synthetic Roof

roof drone view

Jim embarked on a major renovation to his newly purchased home. He decided he wanted a very special roof. He liked the look of Cedar Shake but not the ongoing maintenance issues and costs. He began evaluating synthetic composite materials that provided the cedar shake look but were true lifetime shingles with zero maintenance. After looking at DaVinci and Ecoshake, Jim decided on the Brava Shake product. (more…)

Why You Should Consider a Warranty

Installing a new roof can be very pricey, so it’s a major investment. Usually, it’s something you will have to do only once or twice over the years. Roof replacement is such a rare event, that you might even overlook the idea of obtaining a roof warranty. (more…)

Pros and Cons of Five Different Types of Roofs

Whether you’re building a new home, or replacing the roof on your current one, choosing the right type is important. By replacing your roof, you are undoubtedly adding to the value of your home, as well as extending its longevity.

Deciding what roof is best can be more complicated than you would expect, and doing the proper research is important. Here are 5 common roof types and their pros and cons. (more…)

Why You Shouldn’t Work on Your Own Roof

When you spot a fault on your roof, your first instinct is to mend it as soon as possible. Some faults, like a leaking roof, do deserve that kind of urgency. However, failing to contact a roofing company to repair your roof is not always a good idea. There are several reasons why you should always call a roofing company, no matter the time or the size of the fault in question. (more…)