What Are The Best Options for Synthetic Roof Tiles?

Synthetic Roofing Tiles

Synthetic roofing materials have revolutionized the world of exterior design, and given the cost-oriented consumer a much wider range of options for building their dream home.

Synthetic, also known as composite roof materials, look every bit as attractive as naturally-derived roofing materials, but they often come at just a fraction of the cost. This means a lower cost of goods, and less concern over maintenance, repair, and replacement costs. Additionally, being comprised of synthetic materials, the composition roof is more eco-friendly. (more…)

9 Common Roof Problems That You Should Know About

A Closer Look at Roof Problems

At Authentic Restoration, we know roof problems can end up being troublesome as well as extremely costly if you allow them to worsen without seeking attention.

We’ll look today at some common roofing issues so you can arm yourself with a decent overview of the major snags likely to bring your roof to its knees. (more…)

Getting a New Wooden Roof: How Much Do Cedar Shakes Cost?

So you’ve decided it’s time to put a new roof on your house. Or, maybe you’re building a new home and you’re trying to envision the perfect roof to put over the heads of your family. You’ve considered a myriad of options, and you’ve settled on a tried-and-true classic: an elegant wooden roof. Cedar shakes are some of the most stylish roofing materials you can find, and they’ve been a long standing tradition in residential construction all over the world. (more…)

Indianapolis Hail Damage Roof Restoration Process

hail damage roof indianapolis

According to the NOAA Severe Weather Database, there were over five thousand big hail storms in 2016 alone. And that is just cases where the storms were considered severe. If you live in an Indianapolis, you know that this is just a very small percentage of the total storms. (more…)

Roof Hail Damage in Cullman, Alabama

It’s that time of year again and the hail continues to fall in Cullman, AL. Property owners are reporting a lot of hail damage to both residential and commercial buildings in the area.

The Cullman County school district has cancelled classes due to the extent of damages caused the storm. For those of you that have lived in Cullman for a while, know that many years ago we had a similar storm that wreaked havoc on the town. (more…)

Birmingham Hail Damage Roof Repair & Restoration

After a recent hail storm here in Birmingham, AL we recieved a bunch of calls from concerned homeowners. Many homeowners were unsure if their home’s had roof hail damage or not. Some noticed the Birmingham storm created dings on their siding as well as their cars, but were not able to see damage on their roof shingles! (more…)

Insurance Claim for Roof Replacement in Vestavia, Alabama

Authentic recently completed a full roof replacement for this beautiful home in Vestavia. This was an insurance claim, State Farm approved their policy-holder for a complete roof replacement. This came shortly after Authentic provided a free roof inspection. Do you have a home in the area and need an inspection? Call us today: (205) 982-5252. (more…)

Types of Metal Roofing – Analyze Your Choices

types of metal roofing

Popular Types of Metal Roofing Materials

Only a few decades ago, when a person heard the term ‘metal roofing’, he or she was imagining a rusty tin roof installed on a barn or another type of industrial facility. Nowadays, things have changed. When we hear or read the words ‘metal roofing’, we imagine something entirely different: a durable, elegant and modern-looking roof made of quality metal and painted in a bright, shining color. (more…)

Hail Damage Roof Restoration in Raleigh

Roof Insurance Claim Raleigh NC

William K answered his door, when the Authentic Restoration Sales Rep, Lance Mollison, knocked. Lance told William that Authentic Restoration was a top Roofing Contractor in the area. He offered a popular option: a free roof inspection for Raleigh, NC homes. Happily, William accepted. (more…)

Free Roof Inspections for State Farm Insurance Customers

Authentic Restoration will provide free roof inspections for State Farm Insurance Customers in Birmingham, AL. Approximately 40% of the Birmingham, Alabama roof replacements Authentic provides are for State Farm Customers. Without question, State Farm is the largest Property and Casualty Insurance Provider in the Birmingham area. (more…)