How Do You Waterproof a Flat Roof?

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The roof is an essential part of a property but one that most homeowners and business owners neglect; many rarely ever go up to it. But ignoring your roof doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Like any other part of a property, it needs regular maintenance. Particularly for homes with a […]

How To Tarp a Roof – Take Caution or Use a Professional

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Prevent Further Damage with a Roof Tarp Are you dealing with cracks and leaks in your roof? You may need to tarp your roof to avoid further damage and future more costly repairs. Tarping a roof is an effective and budget-friendly remedy to a leaky roof. Keep reading for the […]

How to Identify If a Roof System Has Problems

Some residential roofing problems are apparent even from the street, especially if your area has been hit by strong storms recently. High winds, thick rain, and hail and storm debris strip away shingles and flashing and might even cause a roof to sag and collapse. However, not all damage to […]

What Is the Best Way To Clean My Gutters?

Gutter cleaning is not very glamorous but is a necessary chore in the maintenance of any home. Aside from the unsightly appearance of clumps of soggy leaves in your gutter, blocked gutters can lead to a range of other problems including ice dams, water seepage, and broken guttering. So, you […]

Preventing Ice Dams Before They Happen

If you regularly experience harsh winters, you may be familiar with ice dams. These are thick ridges of ice that build up along the edges of your roof or gutters, blocking any water from running off, and potentially leading to leaks and seepage through the shingles.

Do You Have Roof Wind Damage?

High winds can be damaging to your property. With the recent storms in Central Indiana, roof wind damage as a result of extreme weather conditions can and should be a concern of all homeowners. Aside from easy-to-spot damage such as fallen shingles and roof punctures from broken tree limbs, there […]

Repairing a Leaky Roof Pipe Vent

Damp patches on your ceiling can be worrisome and could potentially be a significant cause for concern if the source of the problem is not identified promptly. One cause could be a leak in your roof pipe vent, which may be a simple fix. A roof pipe vent is any […]

Hiring A Roofer to Repair Leaking Skylights

Roof skylights are a wonderful feature to have in your home. The natural light they let inside is lovely, and they can reduce your electric bills by reducing the number of artificial lights you need. Unfortunately, skylights can also be a very tricky installation to perform and can lead to […]

9 Common Roof Problems That You Should Know About

A Closer Look at Roof Problems At Authentic Restoration, we know roof problems can end up being troublesome as well as extremely costly if you allow them to worsen without seeking attention. We’ll look today at some common roofing issues so you can arm yourself with a decent overview of […]