Beautiful New Cedar Shake Roof

Bill S was skeptical at first when Authentic Restoration’s Alfred Pickett informed him he had enough hail damage on his 13 year old Cedar Shake Roof to warrant an insurance claim. After the Authentic Inspector, Scott, showed Bill the damage photos though, he called in a claim to Pure Insurance.

Within a week, Scott and Alfred met the Pure Representative on the roof for an extensive inspection. The roof and copper gutters were approved for a complete replacement! Over the next few weeks, the estimate items were discussed and debated a bit. Shortly thereafter, a satisfactory scope of loss was issued to Bill. Pure is a top notch Insurance Company to work with and they proved it once again for this Policy Holder.

Bill W upgraded to a Grade A Premium Cedar Shake shingle, the best available. Nathan was assigned as the Project Manager and planned the entire project out with support from Scott and Alfred. The demolition and install of new materials took 9 days. The results of the cedar shake roof installation are stunning.

Bill S is a Professional in the Construction Industry and a pleasure to work with. He graciously took the time to write this note to Alfred and the Authentic Team:

I didn’t believe it at first. It took some convincing that this guy from Authentic was right about our roof damage.

After much investigation by our insurance carrier and conversations with their adjuster, I was ready to admit we needed a new roof. The hail damage, which occurred while we were out of town, did some serious damage to our thirteen year old cedar shakes.  I thought that the initial analysis by the Authentic Restoration representatives was probably stretched but after the engineer from the insurance company developed his analysis, I was convinced.

These guys at Authentic Restoration use the latest software which necessitates the use of a drone for a complete quote. They came to terms with the insurance adjuster and not long after that the materials were special ordered. The ordering of ice & water shield, cedar breather, premium grade #1 pressure treated cedar shingles, stainless nails and eave drip were set in motion to be delivered. Note that none of these items were used in the initial installation. The cedar shingles being removed were not premium, the initial nails were just steel. These guys from Authentic Restoration knew the process of installation and the proper materials were ordered for installation.

Removal and installation of the damaged cedar roof was accomplished in the time estimated. Supervision was daily by one of the Authentic guys and reports were written sometimes with a drone photo attached. We had a few items we wanted corrected and they were done promptly and within a few hours time. The way the roof was installed I would have absolutely no hesitation hiring them again and do highly recommend them for any future installs or replacements.  I am a bit of a construction freak when it comes to supervision as I have built enough and supplied enough materials in my 40 years in the industry to be skeptical of sub contractors. I have no hesitation to leave these guys alone and let them do their work without my eyes.

The 80 +/-  square roof looks great. I know it will be good past the cedar warranty of 30 years because of the quality installation. Thanks to the above representatives of Authentic Restoration: Alfred, Scott, Nathan.

Authentic Restoration has installed a variety of high end exotic roof materials such as Cedar Shake, Slate and Brava Synthetic Composites. If you’re looking for a Birmingham Roofing Contractor who will handle your roofing needs as if it were their own, call Authentic at 205-982-5252 and ask for Alfred, Scott or Nathan.

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