Why You Should Have Your Gutters Cleaned Before the First Snowfall

gutters cleaned

With the festive season approaching, the last thing many property owners are worried about is their gutters. Unfortunately, this means that many families might face issues when temperatures begin to drop, and snow begins to fall. Cleaning your gutters is critical if you want to be fully prepared for this winter.

Below, let’s take a quick look at a few of the reasons it’s essential to clean your gutters this fall.

Prevent Ice Build-Up and Icicles

As temperatures drop, snow and rain will turn into ice in your gutter system. The more effective your drainage system is, the less likely you are to experience a large amount of ice build-up. When too much ice accumulates, it can form an “ice dam,” which can place an extreme amount of weight on your gutter system.

Icicles might also form if you don’t clean your gutters. Not only does the weight of an icicle put stress on your gutters, it’s also hazardous for your family. When icicles fall, they can cause severe injury or death to individuals standing below.

Keep Drainage Consistent

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that your gutters won’t need to drain. If it’s not cold enough to create ice, rainy winter conditions can overload your gutters. Cleaning them before winter will help you prevent issues when conditions get wetter.

If your gutters are currently draining correctly, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean them. Leaves will continue to fall as temperatures drop, causing potential blockages and issues for homeowners.

Preparing for Spring Thaw

While ice might build up over the winter months, it will eventually melt when the temperatures begin to rise. If your gutters and drainage system are clogged or blocked, it can create severe problems when your ice turns into water. Keeping your gutters clean before winter begins can help you prepare for spring.

If your gutters can’t properly drain when spring begins, water might build up around the edges of your home. This can cause leaking issues in your property and damage your garden.

Checking Structural Integrity

While the primary purpose of cleaning gutters is to remove debris and leaves, it’s also an excellent opportunity to check the current condition of your gutter system. If your gutters are loose, falling apart, or experiencing any form of decay, they might not be ready to handle the winter conditions.

It’s often best to use a professional team if you want to carry out a gutter & roof inspection. If you don’t have any contracting or roofing experience, you might not be able to recognize trouble-spots.

Taking Advantage of the Warmer Climate

If you do decide to clean your gutters, it’s best to do so before the winter season begins. Performing any home improvements or maintenance can be a nightmare during the winter months. Cold temperatures, rainy weather, and other adverse conditions mean it’s best to take care of winter preparation before the climate changes.

Get in Touch with Authentic Restoration Before Winter Begins

If it’s time to clean your gutter system, make sure to contact a professional team of gutter or roof specialists. It can be tempting to climb up a ladder and clean your gutters on your own, but it’s actually extremely dangerous.

Not only is it unsafe to clean your own gutters, but you won’t have the expertise to spot potential structural problems and other gutter-related issues. Our team can provide a full assessment of your system and its viability.

At Authentic Restoration, we’re more than happy to discuss any home improvement or maintenance issues with potential clients. Call us at (833) 318-7663 to schedule your pre-winter gutter cleaning.