The Pros & Cons of Metal Roofing

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A Closer Look at Metal Roofs

No roofing system is perfect and for all the advantages of metal roofs, they are not without their drawbacks. In this article Authentic Restoration of Raleigh, a reputable residential roofing company, takes a closer look at metal roofing systems.

If you’ve been wondering about metal roofing pros and cons, we’ll look today at the benefits of metal roofs as well as exploring where this type of system doesn’t work so well.

We’ll also explore using metal roofing for siding and look at whether or not metal roofs are prone to fading.

Let’s get straight down to business with an honest appraisal of the positive and negative aspects of metal roofs…

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

We’ll try to give you a balanced look at pros and cons so you can decide if metal roofing makes sense for you.


  • Perfect for cold climates: metal roofing sheds snow with ease so is ideal anywhere with a more volatile climate
  • Lightweight nature: Over a standard roof, you’ll save a great deal of weight compared to a tile roof of equivalent size
  • Wide choice of materials: The world’s you oyster with metal roofs from steel and aluminum through copper at the top end
  • Durability: Make no mistake, metal roofing is built to last. You should not need to replace a properly installed metal roof during the lifetime of the house
  • Ideal for low-pitched roofs: Most metal roofing demands very little by the way of pitch. This type of roof is tailor-made for gently pitched roofs
  • Installation: The sectional nature of metal roofing means it can be quickly and easily installed by an expert contractor
  • Low fire risk: Metal roofing is non-combustible but you need to take into account any underlying materials such as wooden shingle that can jack the risk of a fire up
  • Energy Saving Possibilities: Metal is highly reflective so you’ll get very little by the way of heat gain even in blistering sun


  • Expense: The most significant drawback to metal roofing is the cost. Think about how long you plan to stay in the house and determine whether a metal roof makes a worthwhile investment or whether it could be a needless expense
  • Problematic in the event of a house fire: While metal roofs can be a solid strategy for preventing external fires, if fire breaks out from within the house, this material can serve as a drawback. Gaining access through a metal roof is not quick or easy
  • Deterioration: Even though most metal roofs come packing lengthy warranties, they’re still highly susceptible to scratches and scrapes. This is exacerbated on any roofs with foot traffic
  • Noisy when raining: Make sure you’re prepared for the thunderous sound of rain on metal before committing to this kind of roofing system. This can be mitigated to some extent with insulation materials but it’s still worth flagging as a downside to metal roofing
  • Movement: As metal expands and contracts, you can end up with movement on a metal roof on hot sunny days
  • Damage from denting: If you live in Raleigh, NC you may be subject to the occasional hail storm. Hail can end up damaging your metal roof. Bear in mind how slippery metal can get as well if you need to undertake any weather-related repairs

As you can see, there’s a fairly even spread of advantages and drawbacks with metal roofs so you can now see at a glance if it would be suited to your needs.

Using Metal Roofing for Siding

Everything in fashion is cyclical and the same is true with architecture.

Metal siding is now a relatively commonplace sighting on residential property as well as industrial buildings.

Metal is a versatile and rugged siding solution which is great for the environment and more or less maintenance-free.

While it’s undeniably more costly up front than alternatives like vinyl, when considered as an investment, you’re highly likely to get a good ROI.

It’s always worth investigating all your options but metal siding is certainly undergoing something of a renaissance right now.

Common Question: Do Metal Roofs Fade?

We’ll round out with a glimpse at the fade factor.

When you’re digging deep for a metal roof it’s only natural to be concerned about whether it will lose its luster.

There’s no denying that a harsh environment can bring about fading in metal roofs. The amount that paint fades is measured in Hunter units. A single unit corresponds to the smallest change you can pick out with the naked eye.

Make sure there is a clear reference in the warranty to the amount of fading permitted.

As long as you’re aware you’re likely to experience some fading with a metal roof, it certainly shouldn’t be considered a deal-breaker. Contact Authentic Restoration today for a free estimate, call: (855) 849-6494.