Top 10 Roofing Safety Tips to Remember

roofing safety

Some property owners insist on DIY roof inspections and repairs. While it’s always best to leave this type of job to professionals, there are a few safety tips that can help you reduce the chances of an accident. Below, let’s look at ten critical safety tips for roofing.

Always Bring a Partner

You should never climb onto your roof without having a partner watching your movements. Using a partner means that you’ll benefit from an extra pair of eyes that can spot potential issues and advise you on the surrounding conditions. Also, using a partner means that if a problem arises, you’ll have someone that can seek help immediately.

Make Sure It’s Dry

If you’re having roofing problems, it can be tempting to climb onto your roof regardless of the conditions. No matter what you do, you should never step onto your roof if it’s raining or wet. While some shingles feel like they contain grip or traction, wet conditions still create hazardous situations. Wait until your roof is completely dry before you consider putting your weight on it.

Use Shoes with Reliable Traction

It goes without saying, but it’s critical to use shoes with reliable traction if you’re planning on walking on your roof. Using industrial boots with strong support is often the best way to prevent slippagethe next time you climb onto your roof.

Choose an Even Surface for Your Ladder

One of the most critical safety tips on our list involves placing your ladder on a sturdy and even surface. If you place your ladder on uneven ground, its ability to support your weight will drastically decrease. It’s also essential to have your partner hold the bottom of the ladder as you climb. This creates extra support.

Use a Harness

Using a harness is an excellent way to increase your safety when you’re climbing or walking on your roof. You’ll need to secure a harness carefully. You can typically attach it to a ridge or roof anchor.

Stay Aware

It’s easy to lose concentration if you’re spending a lot of time on your roof, but you should always make sure you’re aware of your surroundings and potential hazards. Getting too comfortable can be perilous.

Track the Weather

Weather can change quickly. You don’t want to get caught on top of your roof if rain or wind suddenly approaches. Make sure to keep your eye on weather reports and avoid climbing on your roof if adverse conditions are expected.

Avoid Clutter

If you’re bringing tools or materials onto your roof, make sure they’re well organized and grouped together. Leaving clutter around various parts of your roof can increase the chances that you trip, slip, or fall.

Know Yourself

Before you decide to climb on your roof, you need to have a full understanding of your abilities and your fears. If you don’t have a good sense of balance, it’s best to avoid climbing on your roof altogether — it can be hard to stand on a slanted surface.

Also, if you have a fear of heights, it’s best to avoid climbing on your roof. While it might not seem too high when you’re looking up from the ground, your perspective can change once you’re standing on top of your house.

Secure Your Ladder

You can secure your ladder using a wide variety of tools. Tie-down straps are often the best way to secure your ladder. In addition to using your partner to hold your ladder, tie-down straps can help you increase your ladder’s stability.

Leave It to The Professionals

While the above tips can help reduce your exposure to hazards, it’s always best to avoid climbing on your roof. If you need to perform an inspection or make repairs, contact a contracting team with roofing expertise.

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