What Is a Gable Roof?

what is a gable roof

You may be looking into different kinds of roofs that match your tastes and requirements. Two of the popular types of roofing styles in America are the hip roof and the gable roof.

If you are designing a home or looking to install a gable roof over an existing roof, Authentic Restoration is here to help.

Knowing the characteristics of a gable roof can help you determine whether you should consider installing one for your residential property. If you have questions, please call the team at Authentic Restoration at 833-318-7663.

Distinctions of a Gable Roof

gable roof appearance

A gable roof is a classic roof commonly seen in areas with cold or moderately cold climates. The edges of its two inclining roof sections adjoin to form a ridge that looks like the letter A.

These sides or slopes can be of different sizes or numbers, depending on the total size of the property. Some large buildings have two or more A-shaped sections. This construction is called a double gable roof.

The gable roof’s A-shape easily sheds weather elements, which is why it is common in cold areas. The steep pitch aids the flow of snow, rain, and accumulated moisture off the roof. This characteristic prevents water accumulation in the roofing system and avoids water-related damage.

A gable roof is not ideal in windy locations. The roof is too exposed and may be carried away by the wind during heavy storms. If your roof has wind damage, contact Authentic Restoration today!

Types of Gable Roofs

types of gable roofing

There are four main types of gable roofs:

  • Front gable — A front gable is essentially a gable situated over the front door of the house. This type of gable roof is popular in homes that face a thoroughfare.
  • Side gable — A side gable is when the entryway or primary entrance of your property is underneath the side of the gable. The roof will have two same-sized sections or panels pitched at a slant.
  • Cross gable — A cross gable is a combination of two gable roof sides or sections. These two sections meet or cross at the ridges and are perpendicular to each other. Properties with this kind of gable may have a more complicated layout than front and side gable homes because of their overall structures.
  • Dutch gable — A Dutch gable is a combination of hip roof and gable roof. A hip roof contains slopes on all four of its sections or sides. These sections are equal in length, meeting together to create a ridge. In a Dutch gable roof, the gable is situated on top of the hip roof, adding additional space to the attic.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Gable Roof


  • Easy to build
  • Provides more space
  • Affordable
  • Offers reliable water drainage


  • Prone to wind damage

Install a Gable Roof With the Help of Authentic Restoration

If you are interested in adding a gable roof to your home or need information about our roof installation process, we’d be happy to answer your questions.

Give Authentic Restoration a call at 833-318-7663 for a quote.


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