Will Walking on My Roof Damage It?

Will Walking on My Roof Damage It

Whether you’re walking on a roof to enjoy the view or fix a roofing issue, you might be wondering if you’re going to cause damage to your shingles, tiles, or other roofing materials. If you want to walk on your roof, but you’re worried about damaging your roofing materials, it’s essential to understand the risks.

Let’s look at different roofing materials and the potential damage you can cause if you venture onto your roof. Don’t underestimate the consequences of putting too much stress on your roof.

Understanding The Durability of Your Roofing Material

Clay Tiles

clay roof tile

While clay tiles may appear much more durable than other roofing materials, they’re extremely easy to break. If you walk on clay tiles, you can quickly cause significant damage. We don’t recommend you venture onto your roof if you have clay tiles.

Wood Tiles

wood roof shingles

For those with wood tiles, it’s also important to avoid walking on your roof. While wood tiles appear durable and aesthetic, they’re extremely easy to break. If you walk on your wood tiles, you could cause leaks and other structural issues that permanently damage your roof.

Asphalt Shingles

ashpalt roof shingles

If you own a home in the United States, there’s a good chance it has asphalt shingles. As the roofing material of choice, asphalt shingles have become a common fixture across the country. They’re versatile, affordable, and help property owners protect their homes.

While asphalt shingles are resilient to outside conditions, there will come a time when they begin to waste away. While the primary reason behind deteriorating asphalt shingles is the weather, human interaction can also contribute to problems. If you walk on asphalt shingles, you can speed up the onset of problems.

It’s not just the shingles that suffer. The underlayment and other roofing elements can also suffer damage if you walk on your roof – the pressure can cause significant stress. Don’t underestimate the issues you can cause to asphalt shingles if you decide to walk on your roof.

Synthetic Roofing Materials

synthetic roof slate

If you have a synthetic roofing material like those made from Brava Roof Tile or Davinci, you will most likely be able to walk on your roof without damaging it. Synthetic shingles are made to withstand just about everything! However, these tiles can be slippery in certain conditions. Extreme caution should be taken anytime you consider climbing on your roof.

The Risk of Harming Yourself

While walking on your roof can damage the condition of your tiles, shingles, and other roofing materials, these issues are small in comparison to the damage you can cause to yourself. While you might feel confident walking on your roof, it only takes a small mistake to cause a major accident. If you slip off your roof, you might end up incurring a major injury. Be sure to check out our post on the Top 10 Roofing Safety Tips to Remember.”

Head injuries, spinal injuries, and even death are all associated with falling off roofs. Many people wonder how to walk on a roof without putting their health at risk. While there are shoes to walk on metal roofs sold online, there’s no way to guarantee your safety if you walk on a roof without a harness.

If you want to protect yourself, it’s critical to avoid walking on your roof. If you must walk on your roof, it’s a good idea to seek the advice of a professional roofing expert like those at Authentic Restoration. You should also make sure to purchase adequate safety equipment to protect yourself from a severe fall.