Best Restaurants in Indianapolis

Known as the Crossroads of America, Indianapolis reflects a variety of cultures and cuisines. Indianapolis is named as the most underrated food city in the United States. Many travelers complement the variety of dining options in Indy. Whatever you choose, you will feel the warmth of hospitality. That is what the city is known for.

To aid you in your travel or leisure food trip, here are the best restaurants in Indianapolis.

Top Restaurants in Indianapolis, IN

St. Elmo Steak House

127 S. Illinois St. Indianapolis, IN 46225

St. Elmo Steak House is an award winning restaurant with and old world style as a theme. The hospitable staff and a menu that is perfected with time captivate residents and visitors. You can feel a classic atmosphere with white tablecloths and wood paneled walls. St. Elmo Steak House has tall ceilings that will give a late 19th century feel complemented by its customer service.

This restaurant is available every dinner and serves different kinds of steaks like the traditional steak cuts of filet mignon. They also serve navy bean soup and a shrimp cocktail that is famous around the globe. They have a lounge upstairs that can be used for drinking wine, beer, and cocktails.

Bru Burger Bar

410 Massachusetts Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46204

Burger enthusiasts will not pass this chance to taste the famous Bru Burger Bar. They offer chef style burgers as well as classic burgers, salads, and sandwiches. Every burger lover will crave in its bold flavors crafted to perfection.

Bru Burger is famous for their stilton blue cheese burger with pear-bacon jam, truffle aioli, and fried onions. It is their most famous dish, but they can also offer other burgers. Burger meals come with Bru fries that perfectly complement their burger, combined with house ketchup and house chipotle barbecue sauce.

There are also cocktails available and a local draft beer menu. You can experience comfortable dining with wooden tables or a granite countertop bar with seating. You can also have an outside view with their extension place. Bru Burger is open during lunch and dinner.

Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza

333 Massachusetts Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46204

Perfect for pizza lovers in the neighborhood or food travelers, Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza offers many kinds of pizza that can cater all kinds of appetites. One of their best pizza is the Slaughterhouse Five that is prepared with five different types of meat. If you are a vegetarian, you can try Jockamo Special that is sprinkled with pesto, tomato, cheese, balsamic reduction, and artichoke.

For drinks, they have wine and local draft beer. Jockamo is a family dining room so it can accommodate many people. It is open during lunch and dinner.

Café Patachou

4911 N. Pennsylvania St. Indianapolis, IN 46205

Café Patachou is a restaurant that pioneers farm-to-table process. They used locally produced ingredients that make it healthy and pure. They are known for farm fresh omelets, duck confit hash, and many other breakfast menus. They also have a coffee bar to complement the breakfast-themed restaurant. They are open for breakfast and lunch.

Bazbeaux Pizza

333 Massachusetts Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46204

Bazbeaux Pizza is known for their exotic toppings like the Quattro Fromaggio that is topped with romano, ricotta, cheddar, mushrooms, bacon, mozzarella, and provolone. They offer wine and local beer as drinks and is open during lunch and dinner. Bazbeaux Pizza is also a family restaurant so it can cater many people.

Indianapolis boasts the best restaurants you can ever find. With different variety of styles and cultures, you will never get tired of eating out. You can spend your vacation days here and see for yourself. There are lots of things to do in Indianapolis so be sure to check them out. If someone you know needs a roof restoration in Indianapolis then contact Authentic Restoration!