Do I Need to Obtain a Building Permit for a New Roof?

building permit

Homeowners today are tackling more home improvement and repair projects on their own than ever before. This is because hardware stores rent tools and equipment, and online videos make it easy to fix virtually everything in a home. However, there are many reasons why it’s good to avoid DIY roofing repairs and replacement, and call the home renovation pros at Authentic Restoration, (252)904-3995, for all the roofing work you need!  One reason to rely on the experts is the need for building permits and the risk of performing work with them. Be assured our Rocky Mount roofing contractors have plenty of experience.

What Is a Building Permit?

A building permit is a written authorization from your city or county, allowing for a specific construction project to proceed. These permits are needed for more than new construction, however, as many repair and renovation projects around the house typically require a building permit, including:

  • Adding or removing interior walls
  • Changing the use of a room, such as making a bedroom into a bathroom or converting a garage into a sunroom
  • Replacing the plumbing pipes of a home
  • Demolishing any part of the house; this might include outbuildings such as sheds and garages, in-ground pools and septic tanks, and anything attached to the home permanently such as a porch or deck
  • Roof construction or reroofing; this might not include merely replacing a few missing or damaged shingles but typically does include pulling up any materials or rebuilding a crumbling chimney

Note that most work requiring significant changes to your property, such as installing a new underground sprinkler system or adding ducts for a new central air conditioner, typically requires a permit.

Minor upgrades and cosmetic fixes inside a home, such as replacing carpeting with hardwood floors or changing out the kitchen cabinets, often don’t require a permit. In most cases, simply swapping out major appliances, such as a water heater or refrigerator, also don’t need a permit.

If you’re not sure if a particular repair or renovation project inside or outside your home requires a permit, check with your city or county clerk’s office. They might ask some detailed questions about the scope of the project, the materials involved, and so on, and will then determine if a permit is required.

Who Gets a Permit?

If you’ve hired a contractor for any home improvement or repair project, he or she usually obtains or “pulls” needed permits. This is one good reason to hire a roofing professional for any roof repairs or reroofing you need to have done! Your contractor will make quick work of obtaining those necessary permits and will know where and how they need to be displayed during the repair project as well.

Never Skip Getting a Permit!

Never think that you can skip getting a permit and assume the city or county won’t notice. Also, don’t assume that your repairs are too small to make a difference when it comes to getting authorization. If it’s discovered that you’ve done work on your home requiring a permit without necessary approval, you might face any of the following:

The city or county could force you to get a permit anyway, and might then double or even triple their fees for late permits.

A city or county has the right to shut down your project, even involving law enforcement if you should continue working after they’ve told you to stop!
You might be required to tear up or remove your materials, including all those new shingles you’ve installed so that someone can inspect the roof’s surface underneath. This adds to your overall costs.

Avoid all these risks and added costs by calling the home renovation pros at Authentic Restoration, (252)904-3995, for all your roofing repairs and installation needs.