State Farm Denies Request to Replace Roof in Carmel, Indiana

wind roof damage carmel indiana

A client who hired us for a roof repair in Carmel, IN filed a claim with State Farm for wind damage to his roof. State Farm denied the request to replace the entire roof, paying to repair the damaged shingles instead. The shingles on our Customer’s roof are no longer in production. Therefore, it was going to be impossible to find a suitable match for his beautiful home.

Authentic Restoration Roofing Carmel IN requested assistance from a neutral and competent third party roofing expert to attempt to repair a shingle. It was our belief that any attempts to repair the shingle would result in damage to the adjacent shingles that had to be lifted in the repair process. If this proved to be the case, these findings could very well result in State Farm reversing their decision and insurance covering a complete roof replacement. We decided to video tape the repair process in order to properly document and validate the results.

The Repair Process

The video below shows how the roofer carefully attempted to replace the damaged shingles. Despite his best efforts, the shingle above the damaged one tore in 2 places during the attempt. These existing shingles are so brittle it would not be possible to replace all the damaged shingles without creating as many or more damaged shingles.


Let Us Assist You With Your Roof Claim

Authentic Restoration will make the extra effort to assist our Customers. If your home has have missing or wind damaged shingles, contact Authentic for a free inspection. We’re the best roofing contractor for the job. One of our expert roof inspectors will get on your roof, inspect the damages, take damage photos and discuss your possibilities with you at no charge.