Birmingham Alabama Nightlife

Birmingham Alabama NightlifeBirmingham is the largest city in Alabama and one that played an important role in the civil rights movements that shook the entire of the United States in the 60’s. The city experiences hot summers, mild winters and has abundant of rainfall. It is also home to interesting attractions, unique restaurants, fantastic entertainment center, rich history and above all a vibrant night life. With so many things to do in Birmingham, we have decided to come up with the top 5 things to do here.

One thing you should note is that clubs and bars in Birmingham serve alcohol on a 24-hour basis in the first five days of the week. There is a 10-hour break period though between 2am on Saturday night and 12 noon on Sunday. Therefore, if you are the wild one and want to stay up till dawn, don’t worry, there are clubs around the city that will accommodate that side of you.

5 Best Bars & Nightclubs in Birmingham, AL

Tin Roof

2709 7th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233

Are you looking for the best bar to offer you the best music? Look no further but Tin roof bar. Tin Roof Thursday through Saturday hosts the best local music in the area. The joint is always open for lunch and you are guaranteed to enjoy a full dossier of domestic and imported beer selection. With so many good reviews, you better not miss to visit this place.

The Wine Loft

2200 1st Ave N #100, Birmingham, AL 35203

For wine fans, you are guaranteed the best selection of wines in Birmingham city at the Wine loft. The wine loft enjoys so much popularity for stocking the otherwise impossible to find Taylor Fladgate 20 years Tawny. Apart from that, the wine bar is also popular for its huge selection of port wines and dessert wines. Ensure you visit the wine bar for the best wines in the city.

22nd Street Jazz Café

710 22nd St S, Birmingham, AL 35233

Are you a jazz fun? Are you looking for the best jazz entertainment around Birmingham city? Then 22nd Street Jazz Café is the place to be. One problem you will discover with most bars is that the vibe starts dying at around 1am. But this is not the case with 22nd Street Jazz Café. When most bars are sweeping their floors and closing, this is when it kicks it into another gear. You are therefore guaranteed a late out of control night.

Paramount Bar

200 20th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203

When the sun goes down in Birmingham, the fun is just beginning in Paramount bar. This bar has lately been garnering national recognition as the best sports bar in the city. Here you will find craft cocktails, a huge flat screen TV and an arcade making the game time even much more enjoyable. They are also popular for their perfect daiquiris. You will never miss a team to support once in you are in the bar but be ready for the best time during the football season.


2721 Cahaba Rd, Mountain Brook, AL 35223

What is a Birmingham Alabama Nightlife without whiskey? Dram has for the longest the longest time being known as the best whiskey bar in the city. Get to the Dram late in the evening and order your first Kentucky Hot brown. It is the drink of choice for many of the standing patrons. The bar also has the most unique atmosphere with the largest selection of whiskey cocktails.

The city has approximately 30 clubs with live music. You might be spoil for choice but Birmingham Alabama Nightlife will never disappoint you. With the short list above, you can definitely know where to go and what to expect. Before you celebrate be sure to get a Birmingham free roof inspection to make sure your roof is OK before you head out.