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Slate Roofing Services

You and your family have finally bought the home of your dreams in the perfect area of Birmingham. The wooded yard is divine, the vintage architectural style charming, and the rooms possess all the features your growing family will ever desire: high ceilings, roomy closets, opulent bathrooms, and cozy fireplaces.

The sole major repair it needs is a new roof. How and where can you find the right roofing company to help you design a fitting and gorgeous roof for this distinctive home that will last a lifetime?

At Authentic Restoration in Birmingham, AL, we will provide the experience and commitment to superior service that you’re seeking. Our roofing professionals can install a slate roof on your home that will exceed your comfort and style requirements. Call us today at 205-982-5252.

What Are the Benefits of a Slate Roof?

With so many different materials available for your roofing project, what makes slate such an appealing choice? Slate has benefits that no other material can match, making it one of the highest-quality roofing materials available. Read on as we list some of the outstanding qualities of slate roofs.

Slate Roof

1. It’s long-lasting

Slate stands up well to water and varying temperatures. With its ability to resist cracking and other damage, your slate roof will have a lifespan of more than a century—that means it could still be around when your great-grandchildren are your age.

2. It’s low-maintenance

In addition to durability, one of slate’s advantages is the minimal maintenance it needs. You can enjoy your roof for ages without much extra work, money, or time commitment.

3. It’s strong

Slate is a natural stone product that resists fire and mold, keeping these potential hazards from causing serious damage to your roof.

4. It’s eco-friendly

It’s a natural stone, first and foremost. Since a slate roof lasts a lifetime, you won’t need to replace it anytime soon. The discarded roofing materials won’t end up in a landfill after twenty or thirty years. Plus, slate provides strong insulating properties, reducing energy use and thus your heating and cooling costs.

5. It’s beautiful

Slate comes in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns for a unique look that will suit your home’s style. Your slate roof will help make your home stylish and eye-catching.

6. It boasts a high resale value

If you choose slate for your roof replacement, you’re probably planning on staying in your house for the long term. If you ever decide to sell your home, your slate roof will increase both the curb appeal and the resale value of your one-of-a-kind house.

Do Slate Roofs Have Any Disadvantages?

The advantages to slate roofing far outweigh any disadvantages, but you should consider a few issues.

First, slate is heavier than many roofing materials. If you are considering slate for your roof replacement, your house may need structural reinforcements first. Our experienced, knowledgeable contractors at Authentic Restoration will ensure that your home’s construction is sound enough to hold slate, providing additional structural support if needed.

Second, slate stands up well to all types of hazards, but walking on the tiles will cause damage. Most people don’t have much need to walk on their roof, but you may want to reconsider slate for your project if you do.

Third, slate tiles cost more than roofing made from asphalt, cedar shake, clay, concrete, metal, or composite materials. When you choose slate, remember that although the initial installation may be more expensive, your house won’t need a new roof again for about a century. With its durability and other benefits, slate is well worth the price.

Why Choose Authentic Restoration for Your Slate Roof?

At Authentic Restoration, we provide the highest-quality service to residents and business owners in Birmingham, AL, and its surrounding areas. We’re a family-owned, family-operated general contractor with a talent for installing slate roofs that make homes look their best.

We know that any home renovation project can be disruptive to your day-to-day routine. Our team will work efficiently to wrap up your project and get your home back to normal as efficiently as possible. We live by the motto: “Do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it.”

Authentic Restoration has accreditation from Birmingham’s Better Business Bureau. Our crews have worker’s compensation and general liability insurance.

We offer a five-year warranty on workmanship for full slate roof replacements. We’re proud to brag about our quality service and craftsmanship, but we invite you to check our testimonials from our satisfied customers in the Greater Birmingham area.

If you’re interested in increasing your home’s beauty and value with a slate roof, call us at Authentic Restoration in Birmingham, AL, at 205-982-5252 to schedule a free consultation and estimate.

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