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Roofing Contractors Birmingham, Alabama

#1 Roofing Company Birmingham, Alabama

Whether it is an insurance job requiring storm damage repair or a cash bid, Authentic Restoration is your go to residential roofing contractor in Birmingham, AL and all surrounding cities. With that said, we are much more than just roofers! We’re a licensed Home builder in the State of Alabama with the experience and expertise to handle all jobs, big or small. We are considered by many as one of the best general contractors and roofing companies in Birmingham and here’s why:

Our Birmingham roofers maintain General Liability and Workman’s Compensation insurance at levels that meet or exceed all State requirements and protect our Customers in the very rare event something goes wrong. Our complete roof replacements are of the highest caliber that goes above and beyond Manufacturer’s Installation Specifications and local Residential Building Code (205) to ensure our Customers have a worry-free experience with long-term reliability. That’s why we’re the go-to home improvement roofing contractors Birmingham has trusted for many years. Call us for any project from siding to gutters!

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Best Roofers Birmingham, AL

Authentic Restoration serves all cities within a 50 mile radius of Birmingham, Alabama.

Authentic Restoration Alabama
3510 Vann Rd Suite 102-A
Birmingham, AL 35235
Telephone: (205) 982-5252
Fax: (866) 400-1043

Our Roofing Repair Services

Whether it is a cash bid or roofing insurance claim, we thoroughly inspect your home’s roof before preparing a bid or estimate. We want to make every effort possible to avoid surprises when offering a cash bid for roofing services. Our cash bids are firm however, rotten decking or other hidden shingle damages would be charged for. A number of our business managers and sales representatives are able to prepare a detailed estimate briefly following the inspection. This allows us to configure the roof precisely to our Customer’s requirements and we think that is good business!

roofing companies in birmingham al

#1 Roofing Contractors Birmingham, AL

Birmingham Roofing Services Offered

We are well known for our expertise in insurance work. As a licensed Alabama Home Builder, we were very active with many trades in 2011 and 2012 when the tornadoes hit the area. Our primary Inspector is Haag Engineering Certified and has inspected thousands of roofs during his career. We have an upfront free home inspection service, which is a primary reason our success rate with roof insurance claims is better than 95%. It is not uncommon to see other residential roofing contractors knocking doors while pushing Homeowners to call in a claim without ever stepping on their roof. This is unprofessional and unethical in our opinion. Why have a Homeowner have a claim on their record and waste the time of an Adjuster unless there is confirmed damage on the roof?

Our Customers rest easy with cash bids or insurance roof replacements knowing we carry General Liability and Workman’s Compensation Insurance. Homeowners should never assume companies automatically carry these coverages as many roofing contractors Birmingham has do not due to the expense. When choosing a contractor to work with, this should be one of the top three questions when evaluating candidates. You should be provided with an up to date insurance certificate establishing the insurance coverage is in place and it is the proper coverage. Many Birmingham contractors will purchase carpenter or painter insurance coverage because it is cheaper in cost. However, doing so will void the coverage in the event of a disaster that results in a large claim. The Homeowner is then exposed to large potential financial liability.

A roof protects people’s most valuable asset, their home. Both our cash bid and insurance replacements include numerous extras we feel are crucial to a proper installation.

We install synthetic felt on every home we build. Manufacturers require 4 nails per shingle, we install all our roofs nailing 6 nails per shingle. Ice & water shield is always installed in the valleys, along sidewalls and around penetrations; all the areas that are most prone to leaks. A rain or slip collar is installed on top of all pipe jack boots as an extra layer of protection. All our roof installations include a 5 year workmanship warranty. We aren’t perfect, occasionally something does go wrong. We don’t dodge your calls or ignore problems, we promptly respond and address the issue. Call us now at (205) 982-5252!

Customer Reviews

Our BBB record is flawless. Our Angie’s List and Home Advisor ratings are 5 star. These are our Customer’s speaking. If your reading this, we hope you will become a Customer and allow us to provide you with the quality and service you deserve.

New Testimonials

After a couple of leaks showed up in our roof, we had 5 different companies come out to take a look and give us quotes. We knew immediately that Authentic Restoration was who we wanted to work with. Chris was quick to communicate and honest about our different repair options. He helped guide us through the various details of the process, including working with our insurance company. We had a few unique needs and Chris worked to get them done right and at reasonable costs. We are pleased with the work both inside and out and highly recommend Authentic Restoration.Thanks for all of your help and work on our roof!

Dary G – Birmingham Alabama Homeowner
5 star review

leaking roof repaired

In 2015 Chris replaced the roof and gutters on our home. The roof was large with several steep slopes and angles but Chris and his guys did a great job getting it on in a just a couple of long days. Compared to what we have seen with other roofers in the neighborhood there was no comparison to the effort that they put in to keep the job on time. They did a great job recommending the covering for the gutter system and we have been very happy with both the roof and gutters. We have had several neighbors comment on how good it looks. Chris and his guys were always professional and a pleasure to deal with. We would highly recommend them for any project that you have.

Charles and Sarah Gearhart
5 star review

“I am writing to express my thanks to Chris Baldus, Scott Bullard, and all the people at Authentic Restoration. Chris and Scott were referred to me by a friend who had his roof done by them, and I was extremely happy with the professionalism and total all around service they provided. My roof was replaced promptly and they dealt with my insurance company so I dint’t have to take any extra time out of my day. I would highly recommend them for any work that needs to be done right the first time. In a time where customer service is lacking in every line of business, Christ Baldus, and Authentic Restoration, are a breath of fresh air, because they specialize in treating the customer right!”

Don M.
5 star review

Best Roofers Birmingham AL

Birmingham Roofers That Care


Thank you so very much for the $100.00 check that you sent me. It was a delightful surprise. Finding roofers near me was a difficult task. I was very satisfied with the work crew that replaced the shingles on my roof and they did a nice job cleaning up too. I especially want to thank Chris Baldus who took care of the proposal and financial party of the job he is a very, very nice young man to do business with. I would highly recommend Authentic Restoration to anyone who is in need of the services you provide. They are the best of the best local roofing companies.

Very truly yours.
Ruth M.
5 star review

$95 Fall/Winter Roof Maintenance Package

  • A complete and thorough inspection of your roof
  • Check all pipe jackboots, install new rain caps
  • Check for nail pops
  • Check flashings
  • Check chimney flashing
  • Fix/Replace up to 5 damaged shingles if the Customer provides the shingles
  • Photographs of problem areas that may require additional repairs

Watch this video of Roofer Scott recently inspecting a roof:


*We care about your safety! Let the roofing experts at Authentic Restoration inspect your home. Call (205) 982-5252.


Free Roof Inspection & Estimate

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Roof Repairs Birmingham Alabama

We also offer repair services during normal business hours. We apply the same high-quality standards for performance and service to all repairs. The problem we repair today may be the roof we replace several years down the road when it reaches end of life. It is sad to see the poor quality of many repairs, especially chimney flashings. Ever wonder why that $175 chimney flashing only lasted 6 months to a year before it started leaking? A proper chimney flashing is not done with caulk but instead, is done correctly by installing metal flashing. Our company has been serving Birmingham and Hoover for over 20 years! Be sure to check out our amazing customer reviews!

We often run discounted maintenance inspection and repair packages. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter, and keep an eye on our website.

Roofing Contractors Birmingham Alabama

If you’re searching for the most experienced roofing contractors Birmingham Alabama has to offer, Authentic Restoration is the company for you. As one of the best and most active residential roofing companies in Birmingham, AL, Authentic Restoration has experience installing a wide range of products including:

Asphalt Shingles

  • 3 tab, 30 year dimensional a designer asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are certainly the most popular roof covering material by a substantial margin. The cost difference between 25 year 3 tab and 30 year dimensional is getting less and less. The performance difference is substantial. 3 tab shingles have a wind resistance in the range of 70 MPH while 30-year dimensional shingles are rated at 110 MPH. This increases to 130 MPH when installing with 6 nails as we do. Designer shingles are essentially a 30-year dimensional shingles that are thicker and have some type of designed pattern. Designer shingles have 50-year lifetime ratings and are make for a very attractive roof covering. We offer installation and roofing shingles repair services.

Metal Roofing

  • Ribbed and standing seam metal roofs

Metal roofing materials are the fastest growing segment of the market. This is particularly true in rural areas. The lower cost alternative is ribbed metal. Ribbed metal has exposed fasteners that must be checked every 5 years or so. Standing seam is a vastly superior choice but is also substantially higher in cost than ribbed metal.

Exotic Roofing

  • Wood Shake, Slate and Spanish Tile

These products are beautiful and expensive. Wood shake does require regular maintenance in order to maximize the life of the product. They should be sealed about every 5 years. Many existing roofs with these products installed are being replaced with composite synthetic products that provide the same or similar look while requiring zero maintenance and offering true lifetime performance.

Environmentally Friendly Roofing

  • Composite Roofing Systems

Composite synthetic products such as Brava Roof Tile, Da Vinci, Decra and Arrowline are beautiful, zero maintenance, and durable. We work with all products but prefer the performance and cosmetic beauty of Brava Tile. We have experience with all of these products with many on display on our gallery page.

finished composite shake roof

Brava Composite Cedar Shake

Roofing Brands

Authentic Restoration is a Pro Contractor for Owens Corning, Tamko and Brava Roof Tile. These are all well known, respected brands in the industry. However, we will go with whatever brand the Customer chooses should they have another preference.

Owens Corning

Owens Corning is the most recognizable brand in the industry, everyone knows the Pink Panther. The OC Duration Tru Definition is a fantastic 30 year dimensional shingle. Tamko manufactures both their 25 year 3 tab and 30 year dimensional products in nearby Tuscaloosa. Their factory is very highly automated.


Tamko manufactures both their 25 year 3 tab and 30 year dimensional products in nearby Tuscaloosa. Their factory is very highly automated. Their products are superb and their service is fantastic.

Brava Roof Tile

We discovered Brava Roof Tile earlier in the year and have been extremely impressed by the cosmetic beauty of their product and durability. This product comes with a 50 year LTD warranty! We recently installed their composite Slate with beautiful results. We have several large installations coming up shortly.

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We are the roofing contractors Birmingham trusts! Authentic Restoration is also a licensed and insured roofing company in Hoover, Alabama.