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When you need roof repair, replacement or storm damage restoration in Cary, North Carolina, Authentic Restoration can help. We offer quality roofing services at affordable prices! Schedule a free roof inspection.


Roof Repair

We are the leading roof repair company with unmatched records of satisfaction and quality deliveries. Ranging from residential repairs to complete roof replacement, we offer a top-notch, yet cost-effective roofing services in Cary.

Roof Replacement

When your roof requires more rigorous repairs, it may be a sign that there’s need for an entire roof replacement.  With more than 13 years of experience in Cary, we have licensed roof replacement crews ready to handle any job.

Storm Damage Restoration

Hail, strong winds, snow and heavy rain storms can cause a range of problems for homeowners. The most common form of damage storms cause is roof damage. If your roof is damaged, act quickly! We’ll work directly  with your insurance company.

Quality Roofing Company Cary, NC

When Homeowners are looking for the best roofing contractors in Cary, NC, Authentic Restoration should be number 1 on the list for many reasons. One of the first questions though should be, do you even need a new roof? Most people rarely even look at their roof. They don’t give it a second thought unless a leak develops and water is dripping from the ceiling. Our professional Cary, NC roofers should be contacted prior to that occurring to prevent thousands of needless damage expenses.

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Recent Testimonials

The team at Authentic Restoration was incredibly supportive from day 1. They had great communication with us, being prompt with getting back to me throughout the whole process. When the inspector from our insurance claim came to inspect the roof, Authentic Restoration was there to make sure everyone was on the same page and nothing slipped through the cracks. Very professional and we are so happy with the way our roof turned out!

Meaghan G.

Free Roof Inpections

Authentic Restoration is the reliable contractor that will provide free roof inspections for Cary Homeowners. Our professional roofer will get on the roof and look for the following:

  1. Damaged Flashing – either bent or torn. Maybe due to improper installation, weathering or settling of home’s foundation
  2. Missing Shingle Granules – bare spots on your shingles or excessive amount of granules in the gutters
  3. Blisters – moisture in the shingle caused by poor drainage or inadequate ventilation
  4. Shingle Buckling – may be caused by wrinkled underlayment, poor attic ventilation or new shingles applied over old shingles
  5. Missing Shingles – due to either improper fastening or exposure to high winds
  6. Hail damaged shingles
  7. Damage or deterioration – to vents, plumbing boots and other roof penetrations.
  8. Rotting – caused by excess moisture absorption & retention
  9. Shingle Curling – usually a result of improper nailing or lack of attic ventilation

Your roof protects your most valuable investment. There is no need to wonder about the condition of your roof. Don’t risk serious injury by trying to do it yourself when Authentic Restoration’s Cary roofing experts will inspect it for free!  Call now for a free roof inspection for your home.

Storm Damage & Roof Insurance Claims

It’s possible that your roof has sustained hail or wind damage and may warrant an insurance claim for roof repair or even a roof replacement.

Authentic Restoration is an expert when it comes to roof insurance claims. In the event we discover roof hail or wind damage during our free inspection, we will show you the damage pictures and offer our assessment. If you wish to proceed with an insurance claim, we will be present to answer questions when you call in the claim (Note:  The Homeowner should always call in the claim, never let a Cary roofing contractor call in the claim for you). Prior to the Adjuster’s inspection, we will prepare a comprehensive quote using Xactimate, the estimating software used by over 90% of the insurance companies. We will meet the Adjuster when they come to your home to show them the damages and review our estimate.

Once the claim has been approved, we will bring shingle samples to your house for you to see at a time convenient for you. We will schedule the construction at a time of your choice and update you promptly if changes occur due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Our Representative will be at the job site to inspect the materials and make sure the roof crew understands exactly what needs to be done. We submit all the insurance paperwork. Authentic Restoration is the Cary, NC roofing company that provides their Customers with a complete, turnkey solution!

Choosing the Right Roofers in Cary

What should Cary Homeowners look for when deciding which roofer to choose?

  • Whether it is an insurance claim or a cash bid, Cary Homeowners want the best roof value for their money. As a professional roof contractor, these metrics are essential to consider when evaluating roof contractors:
  • Have certified General Liability and Workman’s Compensation insurance that meets or exceed Cary standards. Homeowners would be surprised at how few Cary roofing companies are properly insured. Utilizing an uninsured contractor of any kind that does work on your property can expose you to significant liability.
  • Have comprehensive knowledge of North Carolina State Residential Building Code Requirements. Many roofers are unaware of or ignore building code regulations. Are you aware that a valley lining is required by State Law? Authentic Restoration installs ice & water shield in all valleys and around all roof penetrations.
  • Understand the concepts of roof ventilation and can intelligently discuss and recommend the proper ventilation strategy for your roof. Improper ventilation can void your manufacturer’s warranty and decrease the effective life of your roof.
  • Installs all asphalt shingle types with 6 nails per shingles. Installing with 6 nails versus the standard 4 increases the effective wind rating by 20 mph.
  • Adds a rain cap or double boot all plumbing vents. Ultraviolet rays from the sun degrade the rubber gasket on plumbing boots causing them to fail prematurely. Double booting or installing a rain cap protects the bottom plumbing pipe boot.
  • The roof demolition includes a complete tear off down to the bare decking. Most roofs have at least one or two sheets of rotten decking that could otherwise go undetected and result in unstable installation of the shingles.
  • Installs a high quality synthetic underlayment versus the traditional cheap paper felt. Synthetic felt is 10x stronger, does not wrinkle, is class A fire rated and is warrantied for 6 months exposure if installed properly.

Types of Roofs We Install

Cary Homeowners should choose a residential roofing contractor that is experienced with installing a wide range of materials. There are many new roofing materials on the market that offer significant enhancements to the beauty and performance of your roof. The majority of our work is with asphalt shingles, primarily architectural style. We also have significant experience with:

  • Ribbed, standing seam and shingle metal roofs
  • Cement coated steel such as Decra or Arrowline
  • Cedar Shake
  • Spanish or barrel tile
  • Slate
  • Synthetic composite roofing products such as Brava Roof Tile, Decra or Da Vinci

Authentic Restoration the preferred contractor for roof replacement and roofing repair in Cary, North Carolina.


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