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roofing contractors indian trail nc

Roofing Contractors in Indian Trail

Quality Roofing Indian Trail

When searching for the best roofing contractors Indian Trail, North Carolina has to offer, you will certainly have lots of questions. Your roof is the most important part of your home, and when damaged, you will be forced to make a decision quickly. One question you should ask yourself is, “Can I trust the roofing contractor I hire to do the job correctly, for an affordable price?” If reliability and affordability are important to you, Authentic Restoration is the Indian Trail roofing contractor for you! Contact us now.

Indian Trail Roofers That Care

“Are you fed up with bad Roofing Contractors in Indian Trail, NC?”

Have you experienced this with a Roofing Contractor in the past?

  • Always late or doesn’t show up at all
  • Utilized high-pressure sales tactics
  • Roof Estimate took forever
  • Roof Estimate wasn’t what you asked for
  • Roof Estimate was vague and lacked detail
  • Poor communications and follow up
  • Didn’t meet their schedule
  • Billed for additional charges you thought were part of the estimate
  • Refused to honor their warranty

Reliable Roofers Indian Trail NC

As a Customer in Indian Trail, you shouldn’t have to settle for this type of horrible service. Authentic Restoration will:

  • Be on time, every time, or call to let you know we’re running a little late
  • Listen to your needs and offer answers without pressure
  • Provide thorough, detailed estimates with no hidden costs or fine print
  • Keep you updated throughout the process via your preferred method of communication
  • Provide the highest quality work and stand behind it

We Are The Experienced Roofing Company You Are Searching For.

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Quality Roof Inspection Indian Trail

“I have some leaks and my roof looks really old.” “Do I need roof repairs, a complete roof replacement or storm damage that may qualify for an insurance roof claim?”

Our answer: “We don’t know.” Nor will we without performing a complete and thorough free roof inspection. You should never file a roof insurance claim before a qualified roofer performs a thorough inspection and shows you pictures of damages. One or more roof leaks may not automatically mean your roof is worn out. Roof leaks are generally the result of  a problem around the chimney, sidewall or some other roof penetration. An Authentic roof inspection can tell you whether repairs are adequate to fix your leak(s) versus a costly complete roof replacement.

If you’re in Indian Trail, North Carolina and are looking for a roofer, contact us for a free roof inspection.

Free Roof Inspection

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Insurance Claims & Roof Replacement Process

“I need a complete roof replacement.”

With a couple of exceptions, the Authentic process is the same whether the roof replacement is a cash bid or involves a roof insurance claim. Everything starts with a thorough inspection. In addition to damages, we want to identify any potential problem area(s) that may require special attempting. We also:

  • Assist with calling in the roof damage insurance claim
  • Prepare a detailed estimate to review with the customer
  • Meet with the insurance adjuster to ensure they see all the damages and review our estimate
  • Supplement for any items missed or omitted from the insurance scope of loss
  • Deliver material samples to our Customer’s home in Indian Trail, NC to review at a time convenient for them
  • Jointly agree to a mutually acceptable schedule for the construction
  • Your Authentic Representative will frequently visit to make sure the work is being completed to specification
  • Submit all the required documentation to the insurance company to complete the claim
  • Provide the Customer with our 5 Year Workmanship warranty and be there in the unlikely event a problem arises

Michael C lives in Indian Trail, NC and had roof damage.  Lester knocked on Michael’s door, provided a free roof inspection and they agreed to work together.  Here’s Michael’s story:


I am happy to provide a testimonial for Authentic Restorations. I am doing so with no promise of compensation.

This company showed up at my house in April of 2016, and asked if I wanted a free roof inspection. I had never went thru this process before, so I was skeptical about the whole thing. I am retired lawenforcement, so I am very wary of scams.

After the inspection, I was advised that I had some damage, and a roof replacement was needed.The company told me that they believed that the work could be done for only the cost of my home owners insurance deductible. They provided a written contract that stated that if they could not get the insurance company to cover cost, I could cancel and the inspection was free.

The company handled 99% of everything. They dealt with the insurance company, coordinated with the roofers, advised on everything. Only thing I had to handle was getting the insurance money, and pay my deductible. It’s hard to believe, but my new roof was handled within 4 weeks. The gentlemen incharge were always available to answer questions. They got the job done on time, were professional, and on budget. I would recommend this company in a New York minute. Believe me, I do not provide testimonials, but made a exception for this company.

Thanks for listenin,

Michael Cambron Indian Trail, North Carolina

roofing contractors indian trail nc

Roof Replacement in Indian Trail, NC

Honest Roofing Contractors Indian Trail North Carolina

“I’m not a roofer, what should I look for when choosing a roofing contractor?”

Glad you asked. Your Contractor and roof check-list should include the following:

  • An up to date Insurance Certificate for General Liability and Workman’s Compensation
  • An estimate and scope of work that details all the work to be performed
  • Xactimate estimating software should be utilized for roof insurance claims
  • Contractor should provide you with a list of references, from the Indian Trail, NC area, for worked performed in the previous six months
  • All existing roof materials should be removed down to the bare decking
  • Synthetic underlayment should be installed versus cheap paper felt
  • Ice & Water barrier should be installed in the valleys, around side-walls, chimneys and around all roof penetrations
  • 6 nails should be used per shingle, instead of the standard 4, to increase the effective wind rating
  • If chimneys, side-walls and end walls are not already flashed properly, they must be brought up to code and proper workmanship standards
  • All pipe jacks should be double booted or have a rain/slip collar installed

Authentic is an experienced roofing contractor with the following roof materials:

  • All asphalt shingle types (3 tab. Dimensional and Designer)
  • Ribbed and standing seam metal roofing
  • Cedar/Wood shake
  • Spanish or barrel tile
  • Slate
  • Composite (Brava, Decra, Da Vinci or Arrowline)

While we work with any insurance company if you have a roof insurance claim, and have worked with hundreds, we most often work with:

Authentic Restoration is certified as a Pro Roofing Contractor for Owens Corning and Tamko.

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When you need a quality roofing company, the name to remember is Authentic Restoration. We are your preferred North Carolina roofers!