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If you’re experiencing problems with your roof, and are looking for the best roofing contractors in Pineville, NC, contact us. Nobody wants a roof leak. However, if your roof is 12 years old or older, you may be one storm away from some nasty interior damages. You could be on the verge of serious leaks from damaged flashings and vents, worn out plumbing boots and many other roof problems. These leaks can cost thousands of dollars to repair, cause tremendous inconvenience and lost work time meeting contractors.

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Quality Roofing Pineville, NC

Why take the chance when there is a risk-free solution? Contact the number 1 Roofing Contractor in Pineville, NC for a free roof inspection. We will promptly visit your property to thoroughly inspect your roof. Prevent the leak before it happens. Authentic Restoration’s free inspection will include:

  1. Damaged Flashing – either bent or torn. Maybe due to improper installation, weathering or settling of home’s foundation. We will look at chimney flashings as well as side/end wall flashings.
  2. Missing Shingle Granules – bare spots on your shingles or excessive amount of granules in the gutters
  3. Blisters – moisture in the shingle caused by poor drainage or inadequate ventilation
  4. Shingle Buckling – may be caused by wrinkled underlayment, poor attic ventilation or new shingles applied over old shingles
  5. Missing Shingles – due to either improper fastening or exposure to high winds
  6. Hail damaged shingles
  7. Damage or deterioration to vents, plumbing boots and other roof penetrations.
  8. Rotting- caused by excess moisture absorption & retention
  9. Shingle Curling – usually a result of improper nailing or lack of attic ventilation

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Storm Damage & Insurance Claims in Pineville

It is possible the inspection will reveal storm damage that is covered by your insurance. Approximately half of the Pineville Homeowners that contact Authentic Restoration for a roof quote end up having storm damage. Authentic Restoration is unquestionably the premier insurance expert in the Pineville area for roof insurance claims.

“I have storm damage and looking for the best roofing contractor in Pineville, IN.”

Authentic Restoration local Pineville Roofing Contractor. We’ve worked on well over 1,000 roof insurance claims over the past 8 years. Authentic Restoration is a Pineville Roofing Contractor with over a 90% success rate on approved roof insurance claims. After our professional roofer has inspected your roof and determined you have damage, we can:

  • Join you while you call in your claim to answer any technical questions that may arise. It is important to note the Policy Holder should always call in the claim. NEVER let a Contractor call in your claim.
  • Take all the necessary damage pictures and diagram the items that will need repair or replaced.
  • Prepare a detailed estimate utilizing Xactimate Estimating Software. This is the software used by over 90% of the USA insurance companies. We use the same price database as the insurance company, our line item prices are identical.
  • Meet your insurance company’s adjuster for the inspection. We will show them the damages and review our estimate for repairs.
  • Bring material samples, such as shingles, to your home for selection at a time convenient for you.
  • Prepare and submit any additional insurance documentation such as supplements.
  • Purchase all required materials and deliver them to your Pineville home the day the roof replacement is scheduled for.
  • Inspect the material delivery for accuracy, review the work order with the roof crew and be present multiple times per day to answer any questions you may have or handle issues that may arise.
  • Submit the completion documentation to the insurance company to ensure the recoverable depreciation is paid.
  • Provide the complete turnkey solution making it easy and time efficient for our Customers!

Pineville Roof Replacement & Roof Repair

“I have a worn out roof and am just looking for the best roofing contractor in Pineville, NC”

Authentic Restoration is a Pineville Roofer that does far more than insurance work. The roofs we install exceed the standards of most other Pineville and Charlotte area Roof Contractors. Our complete roof replacement includes:

  • A complete tear-off of the existing roof materials down to the bare decking. This allows for a thorough inspection of the foundation for the roof to be installed. Rotten, warped or damaged decking will be replaced when needed
  • Installing high-quality synthetic felt instead of the normal, cheap paper felt. Synthetic felt is 10x stronger, class A fire rated, is safer for the roof crew and will not wrinkle.
  • Installing Ice & water shield in the valleys and around all roof penetrations. This provides additional protection in the highest risk areas of the roof.
  • Installing each shingle using a 6 nail pattern instead of the standard 4. 6 nailing each shingle effectively increases the wind rating by 20 mph.
  • Installation of a rain collar on top of all pipe jack boots. The rain collar shields the rubber plumbing boot from the Sun’s UV rays which will seriously degrade it over time.
  • Certified General Liability and Workman’s Compensation for any crew that steps on the Customer’s property. Homeowners would be surprised how many Pineville Roofing Contractors are uninsured or improperly insured exposing Customers to significant potential liability.

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Reliable Pineville Roofers

“I’m looking for a Pineville Roofing Contractor that will show up as scheduled and will do what they say they’re going to do when they say they’re going to do it.”

Authentic Restoration is known as a Pineville Roofer that provides the best Customer Service. We have countless reviews and testimonials that talk about meeting our commitments and being on time, every time. How many times have you arranged to take off work and rush home only to find out the General Contractor you scheduled an appointment with failed to show up … or even bothered to call you! Authentic Restoration is a Pineville Roofing Contractor that respects our Customer’s time. We will meet our schedules and provide our Customers with the quality communications they deserve.

Roofing Materials We Install in Pineville, NC

“What roofing material options are offered by Authentic Restoration?”

Ashpalt Roof Shingles

Asphalt shingles are still the predominant roofing material installed in the Pineville roof market. However, there are an increasing number of other roofing materials available to Homeowners these days. The cost difference in 3 tab and dimensional asphalt shingles has narrowed to where it only makes sense to choose a dimensional shingle. We routinely install Tamko Heritage, Owens Corning Oakridge and Duration, Certainteed Landmark and GAF Timberline dimensional shingles. These are all quality products. We’ll bring samples for our Customer to look at and make their own choice.

Metal Roofs

Ribbed and standing seam metal roof coverings have grown substantially over the past 5 years. We are not fans of ribbed metal roofs despite what some people would have you believe. The fasteners are exposed and ongoing maintenance is required. Standing seam certainly makes for a high-quality roof but is fairly expensive. Many HOA’s will not allow metal roof materials to be installed.

Slate, Cedar Shake, & Barrel Roof Tile

Everybody loves the look of traditional exotic materials such as Slate, Cedar Shake, and Barrel Tile. Cosmetically they’re fantastic. We have installed these products and are not as excited about their functionality. For example, Cedar Shake essentially relies on the underlayment to make it leak proof. Cedar Shake has been around since the 1600’s and remains much the same today as it was 400 years ago. We believe the new synthetic composite materials are equally please cosmetically and provide superior protection for the home against the elements.

Composite Roof Tile

Cement coated steel, steel shingles, and synthetic composite shingles come in a large variety of shapes and colors. Shake, slate and barrel tile are all available. Many manufacturers have emerged in this market. The more well-known are Decra, Da Vinci, and Brava. We have found Brava Tile to be the superior offering both cosmetically and functionally.

If you live in the Pineville area and are looking for a Brava Tile roof estimate, contact Authentic Restoration.

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