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Are you looking for the best roofer? Do you need new gutters or siding repair? Whether it is an insurance service job related to storm roof damage or a cash bid, Authentic Restoration is your go-to home improvement business and trusted roofing contractor in Raleigh, NC and all surrounding cities. With that said, we are much more than just a residential roofing company! We’re professional roofing contractors with the experience and expertise to handle all jobs, big or small. Let us provide you with a quote for any of our services! We are considered by many as one of the best general contractors and top roofing companies and here’s why:

As the premier Raleigh roofing contractors, we maintain General Liability and Workman’s Compensation insurance at levels that meet or exceed all state requirements and protect our Customers in the very rare event something goes wrong. Our complete roof replacements are of the highest quality that goes above and beyond manufacturer’s installation specifications and local residential building code to ensure our Customers have a worry free experience with long term reliability. Our business and services are like none other! Be sure to check out our reviews and call now at (919) 675-8437.

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Storm Damage & Insurance Claims

When Homeowners are looking for the best local roofing contractor, Authentic Restoration is a great choice. If you believe there is storm damage which warrants an insurance claim for a complete roof replacement, there is no other choice. Be sure to check out all of our reviews! Our customers love their new roofs! Be sure to ask about our roof maintenance deal! If you have additional damages, we offer repair services for gutters and siding.

A Raleigh Customer, Vanessa C, recently had this to say about Authentic Restoration:

“Very professional and knowledgeable roofing installation services. I would recommend Authentic Restoration for any of your residential roofing needs, they are wonderful.”
5 star reviews


Below are some before, in process and after photos of a few recent complete roof replacements. These roofs happened to involve insurance claims where we helped the Homeowner get the majority of their roof paid for.

Raleigh Roof Replacement and Roof Repair

At this point, the question may be “How do I know if I have a valid insurance claim for a roof replacement?” Good question. Contact the Authentic Restoration business office to request a free inspection or fill out our form on this page. After doing so, Authentic Restoration will:

  • Promptly respond by assigning one of our highly trained inspectors to visit your property and perform a FREE ROOF INSPECTION.
  • Utilize a state of the art Drone depending on the access, height, and pitch, to take damage pictures of certain parts of your roof.
  • Review all the home damage pictures with the owner
  • We will provide you with our assessment of your damages and potential repiar or replacement options.
  • In the event there is sufficient damage to warrant a roof replacement insurance claim, we can be present while you call in the claim in case there are any questions.
  • Prepare a detailed estimate – will be prepared using the insurance company’s preferred software, Xactimate.
  • Meet with the Adjuster when they come to the property for their inspection. We will show them the damages and review our estimate.
  • In the event the insurance scope of loss omits or overlooks items required to complete the repairs, we will submit the needed supplements to the insurance company.
  • Provide material samples for review at the Customer’s home at a time convenient for them.
  • Agree on a mutually acceptable construction schedule for the repairs.
  • Require our Representative to frequently visit the job site to insure quality repairs are being completed properly and on schedule.
  • Submit an invoice for home service and any other required documentation to the insurance company upon completion.
  • Include our 5 Year Workmanship Warranty and back it up in the unlikely event of a problem.

Let Us Provide You With a Free Roof Inspection.

Free Inspection


Top Roofing Contractor in Raleigh, NC

While getting a free roof from your insurance company is great, having the best roofing contractor NC to install it is even better! The insurance company typically only pays for what is presently on the roof. We work with them to make sure the new roof includes all the essential components and meets new local business code requirements. Authentic Restoration’s complete roof replacement service includes:

1. A complete tear-off of the existing roof materials down to the bare decking.

Rotten decking or other problems can be detected and repaired to insure the shingles may be properly nailed in place.

2. High-quality synthetic underlayment is installed on every roof in lieu of the stand cheap paper felt.

Synthetic felt doesn’t wrinkle, is class A fire rated, is warrantied for up to 6 months exposure if installed properly and is 10x stronger than paper felt.

3. Ice & water shield is installed in all valleys and around roof penetrations.

Building code requires a valley lining. Ice & water shield provides additional protection against leaks in the higher risk areas of the roof.

4. Six nails are utilized to install all shingle types in lieu of the standard 4 nails.

This serves to increase the effective wind rating by 20 mph.

5. A rain cap is installed on top of all plumbing pipe boots.

Lead boots tend to be gnawed on and damaged by squirrels. The rubber boots are damaged by the UV rays from the Sun and tend to become brittle in about 10 years, often cracking (which results in a leak). The rain cap protects the rubber boot from the UV rays.

6. Authentic Restoration and all crews are certified for General Liability and Workman’s Compensation.

Many people assume this is a given.  It is not, less than 60% of the roof repair crews are properly insured. Homeowners must not be put at risk in the event of an accident.

“These guys are true Pro’s Absolutely the most knowledgeable and professional services in dealing with our home!”
5 star reviews


Expert Roofers

Authentic Restoration is a professional roofing contractor that is capable of installing all types of roof materials. The majority of residential roofs we encounter are asphalt 3 tab or Dimensional/Architectural shingles. Let us provide you with reasonable roofing quotes for repair or replacement. Authentic Restoration is a trusted roofer that also installs:

  • Ribbed and standing seam metal roofing
  • Wood or Cedar Shake
  • Spanish or barrel tile
  • Slate
  • Cement coated steel
  • Synthetic composites such as Brava, Decra or Da Vinci

We are here to help you with all of your residential roofing needs, gutters, and siding installation services! Authentic Restoration is your go-to resource for home roof repair estimates and roof replacement in Raleigh, North Carolina, and all surrounding cities. Give us a call today, or complete the contact form below. We are the best roofer for the job! We provide outstanding service for all of our Customers. Call now (919) 675-8437!

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