Roof Installation

Roof Installation Process

Roof Installation Process

Roofing Installation Process

  • Replace all rotten decking
  • Apply a synthetic felt base and install a shingle perimeter starter course
  • Install Ice & Water shield around roof penetration and in valleys
  • Install all shingle types with (6) 1-1/4″ galvanized roofing nails per shingle
  • Inspect and reflash/reseal chimney(s) and sidewall flashings as needed
  • Replace all plumbing pipe flashings with new, add rain caps.
  • Paint all pipes and flashings on roof to match shingle color.
  • Tarp protect landscaping
  • Sweep yard and driveway with magnetic nail sweeper.
  • 5 year leak free workmanship warranty

Ventilation installation will vary depending on type of current ventilation and size of roof.

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