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Our discussions with Homeowners indicate that most are unaware of the potential consequences of hiring uninsured or improperly insured Contractors. Most of those who are aware, one incorrectly assume Contractors are properly insured, and two blindly put themselves at great financial risk when having work performed on their property.

The roofing trade is one of the highest risk categories in construction and subsequently carries rates as high as 40% and greater for Workman’s Compensation. More than 50 % of the Roofing Contractors are either improperly insured or have no insurance at all. As the leading roofing company in Birmingham, Indianapolis, and Raleigh, we know all about insurance.

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Let’s Look at A Few Scenarios

As a Homeowner, you may be asking “Why should I care?” or “Why does it matter?” Consider these possible scenarios.

Scenario 1: The Roofing Contractor you hired has removed your existing roof and has taken a lunch break, neglecting to properly cover your roof with tarps while they are gone. Unfortunately, a sudden thunderstorm pops up causing extensive damages to your insulation, drywall, flooring and household goods costing more than $75,000 to repair. If that roofing contractor doesn’t have General Liability Coverage, who pays for those damages? If a reputable, licensed and insured Contractor was chosen to do the work, you will be covered. If not, chances are that Contractor will declare themselves out of business within a week and re-open under a new name within two, leaving the Homeowner holding the bag.

Scenario 2: One of the Roofing Crew, working for the Contractor you hired, falls from the roof suffering serious injuries. While any such accident is tragic, if a reputable, licensed and properly insured Roofing Contractor was hired, you can rest easy knowing the injured worker is being properly cared for and your personal assets are not at risk. On the other hand, if a uninsured Contractor was hired, it is likely that not long are the accident occurs, you will be served with a lawsuit for damages that could easily exceed $500,000 for the hospitalization and ongoing care costs for that unfortunate roofer.

You can easily avoid these potentially financially catastrophic occurrences by requiring the Contractors you are evaluating to provide you with a Certificate of Insurance. Read it carefully, a Roofing Contractor whose insurance coverage is listed as a Carpenter is not likely to be covered for an accident involving a roof replacement or repair. You can also request the Contractor you choose lists you as additionally insured on their insurance certificate.

Don’t put your home, your financial assets and your family’s well-being at risk by knowingly, or unknowingly, choosing an improperly or uninsured Contractor to perform work for you. The few dollars you think you are saving could turn out to be the worst investment you’ve ever made.


Authentic Restoration specializes in full roof replacements, both those involving insurance claims and cash bids. Our installation standards exceed the requirements set forth by Manufacturers’ Installation Manuals and Residential Building Code backed by our 5 Year Workmanship Warranty.

While manufacturers require a 4 nail pattern for shingle installation, all our roofs are installed with 6 nails per shingle. This effectively increases the wind rating by a minimum of 20 mph. We substitute synthetic felt for the cheap paper felt on every roof we install. Synthetic felt is 10x stronger, safer for the roof crew to install, lays flat and does not wrinkle, provides a much greater temporary water barrier and is Class A fire rated. Ice & water shield is installed in the valleys and around all roof penetrations as added protection where there is a higher risk for leaks. Rain caps are installed on top of plumbing pipe jack boots to provide an added layer of protection and extend the life of these components. Rain caps are installed on top of plumbing pipe jack boots to provide an added layer of protection and extend the life of these components.

We have extensive experience and expertise with the following roofing materials:
Asphalt Shingles, Tile & Concrete Tile, Metal Roofs (Designer, Ribbed & Standing Seam), Cedar Shake, synthetic composites and many more.

Authentic Restoration is a Preferred Contractor for both Owens Corning and Tamko. These two companies are of the highest quality and allow us to offer a wide range of roofing products and colors to choose from.

Experiencing Problems?

The calls we get to look at roof problems are often the result of the Homeowner experiencing problems on the interior of their house caused by leaks. Our Customers enjoy the convenience of a turnkey solution when choosing Authentic Restoration.

Our interior crews have a well-earned positive reputation for their superb Customer Service and flawless work. Customers having interior work done by Authentic Restoration can rest easy with the knowledge that every crew sent to their property is fully covered with General Liability and Workman’s Comp.

Wondering if your attic insulation is adequate? Contact us and one of our trained Representatives will visit your house to perform a complete evaluation at no charge.


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