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Authentic Restoration has extensive experience across a broad spectrum of residential roofing material types. Asphalt, slate, cedar shake, clay tile, concrete, metal, or synthetic tile just to name a few. We can help you with any of your roofing needs!

Asphalt shingles are still far and away the predominant roof covering material utilized for Residential Roofing. We replace hundreds of asphalt shingle roofs each year including composition 3 tab, laminated dimensional and architectural as well as higher-end designer products.

Top Roofing Service Areas

Authentic Restoration services homeowners within in a 50 mile radius of each office location:

ALABAMA: Alabaster, Bessemer, Birmingham, Center Point, Chelsea, Fultondale, Homewood, Hoover, Leeds, Maylene, Moody, Mountain Brook, Pelham, Springville, Trussville, Vestavia Hills

The Authentic Restoration Difference

What is the Authentic Restoration difference? All our asphalt shingles roofs are installed with a number of “extras” when compared to most roofing companies. We ceased using paper felt during our first year in business and have used synthetic felt 100% of the time since then. Synthetic underlayment is far stronger and subsequently, safer for our roof crew workers to walk on, especially on steep roofs. Synthetic felt carries a Class A fire rating and is warrantied for 6 months without being covered. With the propensity of thunderstorms that can blow in suddenly, within the areas we serve, we’re much more comfortable when we have the roof dried in with synthetic felt than with cheap paper felt.

Install Ice and Water Shield on Your Roof

We install ice & water shield in the valleys, sidewalls and roof penetration, the areas with the highest risk for leaks. From the ground, ice & water shield looks similar to felt underlayment. The similarity ends there. Ice & water shield is a rubberized asphalt mixture that has a sticky backing that adheres to the wood sheathing or decking. When penetrated by nails, the rubberized material seals around the nail preventing water penetration. We provide a 5-year workmanship warranty with every roof and we honor it. Installing ice & water shield on every roof is one reason we don’t receive many warranty calls.

IWS around chimney ice & water shield

The manufacturers require asphalt shingles to be installed using 4 1 1/4” galvanized roofing nails. Authentic Restoration has 6 nailed every roof we’ve ever installed and will continue to do so. Installing shingles with 6 nails effectively raises the wind rating by 20 mph. This is why the coastal areas of the country, where hurricanes are prevalent, require shingles to be installed with 6 nails. Does this really make a difference? In June of 2011, we installed a 3 tab roof in the Greater Birmingham area. The following January, this area was hit with a winter tornado devastating thousands of roofs. The house with our 6 nailed 3 tab roof sustained over $15,000 in damage, yet, not a single shingle was damaged. The roofs on each of the houses located on either side were totaled.

3 tab tornado roof

The Importance of Rain Caps & Pipe Jack Boots

Pipe jack boots have a urethane collar that is self-sealing and slides over the pipe. The UV rays from the sun degrade this material over time, eventually to the point where it becomes stiff and brittle. This usually takes 8 to 12 years after which, it is just a matter of time before a leak develops. Authentic Restoration installs a rain cap overall every pipe jack boot which protects the underlayer from those destructive UV rays. Simple, but very effective.

rain cap pipe jack

Composition 3 Tab Shingles

Composition 3 tab shingles are still widely utilized and if installed properly, provide a beautiful and cost effective solution to protect a home. 3 tab shingles most often are available with 20 and 25-year manufacturer’s warranties. They are available in a wide range of colors. Below is a beautiful home in the midst of having a 25 year 3 tab shingles installed.

3 tab roof shingles install

30 Year Laminated Shingles

30 year laminated (often called dimensional or architectural) shingles are the most popular roof covering used at present. Laminated shingles have an additional layer of material “laminated” on top of the base layer. They are heavier than 3 tab shingles and considered by most to be more cosmetically appealing. 30-year dimensional shingles are more resistant to hail and when installed using 6 nails, have a wind rating of 130 mph. Many insurance companies will offer a discount on the policy holder’s premiums when they upgrade from 3 tab to 30-year dimensional shingles.

Dimensional roofing dimensional roof style dimensional roof

50 Year Roofing Shingles

There is another category of dimensional shingles, 50-year lifetime. The shingles in this category have a very similar appearance when compared with the 30-year dimensional shingles, except they are thicker, heavier and carry what the Manufacturers designate as a 50-year lifetime warranty.

Asphalt Designer Shingles

Asphalt Designer Shingles are also laminated, similar to 30-year dimensional shingles. However, these shingles have varying designs and patterns that many homeowners find appealing. They are thicker, heavier and generally come with a 50 year lifetime Manufacturers Warranty. When matched correctly with the home, these shingles are beautiful. All this comes with an added cost of 50% to 100% more than 30-year dimensional shingles.

owens corning berkshire gaf camelot

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has seen significant growth in the past decade. There are essentially 3 types of metal roofing. Ribbed, standing seam and designer tiles. Designer tiles will be discussed in the Exotics section. The majority of growth has been with metal ribbed roofing. Ribbed metal usually comes in either 26 or 29 gauge thickness. Homeowners choosing ribbed metal for their roofing material need to consider there are maintenance requirements. The fasteners for ribbed metal are exposed and should be inspected and tightened at least every 10 years. The cost of ribbed metal roofs is similar to a 30-year dimensional asphalt shingle.

Standing seam metal is installed with concealed fasteners and do not require routine maintenance. Standing seam metal roofing is thicker than ribbed metal typically coming in either 22 or 24 gauge thickness. The price of a standing seam metal roof is generally 50% to 100% higher than ribbed metal or 30-year dimensional shingles.

metal roofing contractor

There are some myths and misconceptions regarding metal roofing. Many people think metal roofing is near impervious from being blown off by high winds or a tornado. I distinctly remember standing in a Homeowner’s yard in Cullman, AL where we had installed a new dimensional asphalt shingle roof the year before with 6 nails per shingle. This was the day following the 2011 tornadoes. While there were countless sections of neighbor’s metal roofs as far as the eye could see, not a single asphalt shingle on the roof we installed had been damaged.

Exotic Roofing Shingles & Tiles

Exotic shingles/tiles cover a wide range ranging from cement covered steel to slate to wood shake to Spanish Tile. Authentic Restoration has substantial experience with installing these shingle types. Exotic shingles are gorgeous but also carry a hefty price tag.

wood shake roofingwood shake roofArrowline Metal Slate

Brava Roof Tile Composite Roofing Solutions

There is a relatively new company on the scene we really like, Brava Roof Tile. They use recycled plastic to produce an incredibly durable, lightweight and gorgeous composite roof covering. Their product carries a Class 4 Hail Rating, it is nearly indestructible. It is very lightweight so there are no concerns about structural integrity or modifications being required to install it. Perhaps best of all, most people feel like it looks as good or better than the real thing once it is installed. Brava Tile offers Old World Slate, Cedar Shake and Spanish Tile (also know as double roman or barrel tile).

Brava Composite Slate RoofBrava Composite Cedar Shake Roof Brava Composite Spanish Tile

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