9 Common Roof Problems That You Should Know About

A Closer Look at Roof Problems

At Authentic Restoration, we know roof problems can end up being troublesome as well as extremely costly if you allow them to worsen without seeking attention.

We’ll look today at some common roofing issues so you can arm yourself with a decent overview of the major snags likely to bring your roof to its knees.

For many homeowners, a roofing problem can develop as the result of improper attention to safety and poor workmanship so we’ll outline these areas first…

1) Lack of Attention to Safety

injured on the job

There are a lot of roofers that don’t seem to understand safety. If you notice your roofing crew being careless, chances are they could get injured. And wouldn’t you know many roofers in the area are not properly insured or don’t have a workmen’s compensation policy.

Hiring the right roofing company is important if you want to avoid even more roofing problems later down the track.

2) Shoddy Workmanship and Sub-par Installation

If a roofing problem develops at any stage during the lifespan of the system, it’s highly likely that this issue can be traced back to a slip-shod installation.

Proper preparation is key if you want to minimize the risk of subsequent problems. If the roof area is not cleaned and dried effectively, you might encounter injury.

You can also find yourself running up against all kinds of metal roof problems if the crew doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing.

Consider the money you’re spending on your roofing as a serious investment. If you choose the contractor wisely, you’ll get a superb return on that investment without expecting any grief. Make a rash decision and you’ll set yourself up for a world of pain later down the track.

3) Poor Schedule of Maintenance

With any type of building, sensible and regular maintenance is a fundamental way of increasing lifespan. This is doubly the case with roofing.

Even if you aren’t a roofing expert, following tips 5-10 below can give you a solid overview of what to look out for during routine inspections.

Don’t use a lack of cash as an excuse not to maintain your roof. If you neglect obvious problems thinking you’ll save money, it will only end up costing you more when you need to conduct fuller and more expensive repairs.

4) Weak Repairs

When you’re getting your roof repaired, it’s critical your contractors use the right materials for the roof in question.

One of the most frequent roof problems is the improper use of plastic roof cement or other materials that are entirely unfit for purpose.

Plastic roof cement can also be damaging to single-ply membranes so make absolutely certain your roofing contractors are using the proper gear or you could end up with even more stress and financial outlay.

5) Leaking and Excess Moisture

Regardless of the type of roofing system, leaks are among the most common problems and can be the most damaging.

Leaks can occur around pipes, smoke stacks, chimneys or damaged areas on your roof.

If you suspect you have a roof leak, do yourself a favor and call Authentic Restoration (833) 318-7663!

6) Ponding Water

If you find water has pooled on your flat roof, there’s every chance that removing it will result in your roof returning to peak performance with no further repairs required.

Before taking further action, it’s always wise to try locating the origin of the ponding water. It could be a rogue AC unit.

7) Wind-Related Issues

Blow-off and uplift caused by the wind can result if improper attention is given to shingles, seams and flashing.

As with all aspects of your roof installation, getting the job done well will safeguard you against these sorts of issues like billowing and tenting.

8) Holes Appearing After Installation

If your roof comes under heavy foot traffic, this can result in a punctured membrane and subsequent leaks.

Metal roof problems can be worse ending up with a heavy-handed application of caulking. This can ultimately end up with roof failures.

9) Blistering

With BUR (built-up roof) roofing systems, blistering of all type is commonplace.

Again, the best way to minimize the likelihood of this occurring is to make sure you get a first-rate roof installation.

If a blister becomes particularly large, it’s a wise move to repair it but otherwise you’ll be OK.

If you have any questions or concerns about your roof, contact Authentic Restoration Birmingham’s best roofing company.