Do You Have Roof Wind Damage?

wind damage

High winds can be damaging to your property. With the recent storms in Central Indiana, roof wind damage as a result of extreme weather conditions can and should be a concern of all homeowners. Aside from easy-to-spot damage such as fallen shingles and roof punctures from broken tree limbs, there may be other, less visible issues caused to your property after high winds.

Among these issues may be lifted shingles, curling or ripped shingles and roof leaks caused by shifting materials. However, this type of damage doesn’t only affect the roof. Broken gutters, ripped flashing or loosened roof nails can cause leaks as a result of wind damage. Because they are less obvious, they may go unattended for some time, resulting in an increased amount of harm to your home until repaired. Don’t worry, our professional roofers are ready the serve you!

Why Does Wind Damage Happen?

Although your roof looks streamlined, it’s not a flat, even surface. Because of this, the wind hits your roof at different speeds, leaving certain areas more vulnerable to damage than others. Highly exposed areas such as the ridge of the roof, the corners, gables, and chimney flashing may be more susceptible to wind damage.

As the wind hits these exposed areas, it can lift the shingles from underneath, causing breakages in the shingles which is relatively easy to spot. However, lifting can also loosen the nails and break the sealant used to affix the shingles to the roof. While the shingle looks intact from the surface, water may be leaking into your home underneath it.

Some types of roof wind damage may be more difficult to spot than others. If not detected and repaired quickly, your home may experience an increased amount of water damage. At Authentic Restoration we recommend that you inspect your property after high winds, and with regularity, to check for any signs of damage to your roof.

What to Look Out For

There are several simple things that you can look out for when inspecting for roof damage.

  • The first and most obvious sign is water or dampness entering your home. Damp patches in the attic or on the first-floor ceiling are obvious signs that something is out of place on your roof. This type of leak needs to be repaired promptly to prevent any further damage.
  • Another tell-tale sign may be large amounts of granules blocking up your gutter. After a high wind or extreme rain, the granules can be blown or washed off the shingle and into the gutter, causing blockages and damage to the channel.
  • More difficult areas to inspect include chimney flashing and roof vent pipe flashing. As these protrude from your roof, they are more likely to catch strong gusts of winds that may lift or damage the flashing at the base of the structure.
  • Inspect the shingles themselves for signs of curling, breakages or lifting. While this may be difficult to do, you can also check the property surroundings for any signs of fallen or broken shingles on the ground.

We recommend getting a skilled professional to check the roof area for damage as it is a hazardous job that requires experience. If you notice any of the above signs of damage to your property, call a professional and reputable roofer immediately to assess and repair the damage.

Can I Prevent Roof Wind Damage?

Unfortunately, in many circumstances, damage from high winds and extreme weather conditions is unavoidable. You can, however, try to reduce the potential for destruction by maintaining your property to a high standard, performing regular checks and removing any overhanging trees or branches from the area.

If you think your roof may have experienced wind damage, the team at Authentic Restoration would be happy to assist you and answer any questions you have.