Repairing a Leaky Roof Pipe Vent

repairing roof pipe vent

Damp patches on your ceiling can be worrisome and could potentially be a significant cause for concern if the source of the problem is not identified promptly. One cause could be a leak in your roof pipe vent, which may be a simple fix. A roof pipe vent is any pipe that allows gases to escape from your home, particularly from the kitchen and bathrooms, essentially letting your house breath.

Authentic Restoration recommends that you get the problem assessed and repaired by professional roofing contractors, as the conditions can be hazardous. It will also ensure that the problem has been correctly identified, evaluated and corrected using the most appropriate method.

Should you choose to carry out any repair work yourself, pay close attention to your safety. Because it’s a job that involves working at heights, you should ensure that you stay well within your comfort zone, using appropriate safety measures. Don’t hesitate to call a professional if you’re unsure or uncomfortable working at heights.

Causes of Leaking Roof Pipe Vent

Often, the cause of a leak near your pipe vent may be due to the rubber roof vent boot aging and cracking over time from weather exposure. The break in the watertight seal then allows moisture to enter the interior of your home through the roof.

This type of damage is easy to fix and requires only a few materials. First, you’ll need to buy a new rubber vent boot. You should be able to buy an Oatey Galvanized Base No-Calk Roof Flashing to fit a 2″ vent pipe at Lowes for about $7. Alternatively, lead flashing can be used for this job to avoid the problem of the rubber ones cracking over time. However, this generally requires a professional roofer to install.

Other materials required are:

  • MasterSeal NP 1 polyurethane sealant to maintain waterproof integrity.
  • The Oatey 14206 2-Inch Rain Collar (optional) as an extra barrier that stretches over the pipe for a watertight seal. The rain collar can also be fitted while it’s raining if an emergency roof repair is required.

Once you have the materials and are comfortable up on the roof, there are just a few short steps to repair your roof pipe vent.

  • Remove the old flashing by prying up the roofing nails.
  • Very gently raise the shingles above the flashing, making sure not to damage them.
  • Ease the flashing off the vent pipe and replace them with new flashing by sliding it over the vent pipe.
  • Ensure that the uphill part of the flashing is placed under the shingles to keep it watertight.
  • Using galvanized roofing nails, fasten the new flashing on both sides and the bottom as an additional fix.
  • Apply the roofing sealant to the nail heads and to the underside of the shingles that were disturbed.
  • This is a critical step that ensures water tightness.
  • Tip for roof work: Secure all materials to the roof, so they don’t slide away while you work. For example, tuck the new flashing gently under the edge of a shingle to prevent it from slipping away until you need it. Use a foam block and tennis shoes for extra grip while you work.

Of course, as with all DIY projects, it’s important to know your limits. At Authentic Restoration, we recommend you always prioritize your health and safety, stick with what you’re comfortable with and call a professional for anything that requires extra skill, knowledge or safety measures.