When Does My Roof Decking Need to Be Replaced?

When Does My Roof Decking Need to Be Replaced

When most people look at a roof, they only see what’s on the surface. Are the shingles intact? Do the metal roofing sheets appear to be in good shape? However, diligent property owners know that invisible issues could be lurking underneath the surface that require attention to preserve a home’s safety and structural integrity.

If you’ve ever wondered when (and if) your roof decking needs to be replaced, this article will answer that question.

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What is Roof Decking?

But first, what is roof decking?

Your roof is more than merely what visibly covers the top of your home. There are multiple layers beneath your shingles, slates, and tiles.

Roof decking, also sometimes referred to as sheathing, is a layer of material between the actual roofing structure and the shingles (or whatever material you have on the surface of your roof). Though it’s not visible from the street, roof decking is an integral part of the home.

Roof decking is available in various materials, the most common types including plywood and Oriented Strand Board (or OSB for short). OSB is a composite material made of multiple layers of glued wooden boards. Commercial roofs often use other materials, such as steel, cement, or concrete.

No matter what types of roof decking you have, durable roof decking is essential to protect your home’s structure and your family’s safety. A proactive approach to monitoring the health of your roof decking can help you avoid major problems down the road.

How Does Roof Decking Become Damaged?

damaged roof decking

Even though there are several layers of protection between the elements and your roof decking, damage and deterioration can happen in the following situations:

  • Termites can eat away at the wooden roof decking
  • If there is any damage to the top layer of the roof, such as missing shingles, water can make its way to the roof decking
  • Poor ventilation allows the accumulation of excess moisture that causes water damage to roof decking

Signs Your Roof Decking Needs to be Replaced

You might have noticed some issues in your home and been unsure what the source of the problem is. If you see a leak in your home, it can be a symptom of damaged roof decking. Other telltale signs that your roof decking needs to be replaced include:

  • You observe stains on the walls or ceiling of your home
  • One or more sections of your roof sag
  • You have one or more holes in the roof
  • There are areas of discoloration on the roof
  • You can see rays of light filtering in through your attic ceiling
  • The attic has mold or mildew
  • There is noticeable damage in areas around your chimney or flashing

Is there an Ideal Time to Replace Roof Decking?

If you see any of the signs mentioned above, your roof decking likely needs to be replaced. Absent obvious signs of damage, your roof decking might still be due for replacement. There are five other scenarios that could warrant a roof decking replacement:

  1. You plan to sell your home. To earn top value in the real estate market, make sure everything is in working order, including your roof. Instead of merely replacing the surface layer, consider going deeper.
  2. Your energy bills have increased. If it costs more to heat your home in the winter than in previous years (factoring in inflation), it could be due to a hole in your roof from damaged roof decking.
  3. Your roof lacks ventilation. Roof ventilation is vital to avoid the buildup of moisture. If you don’t have ventilation, your roof decking is vulnerable to rot, mold, and mildew.
  4. You have an older roof. If you’re replacing an aged roof, it’s a good idea to upgrade the entire system with more modern, durable materials.

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