Signs Your House Was Struck by Lightning

Lightning is the result of an abrupt and natural high-voltage electrical discharge between a storm cloud and the ground. Lightning occurs millions of times a day around the earth and is a common weather phenomenon. Recently there have been several lightning strikes in Raleigh, North Carolina that you may have seen on the local news!

Unfortunately, it often happens that a house or commercial building is standing between the positive and negative charges that form and initiate the electrostatic discharge between the cloud and the ground. In these cases, the lightning will complete its path through the house. As one of Raleigh’s top roofing companies we have seen the damage lightning strikes can cause on both residential and commercial properties.

What Happens When Lightning Strikes Your House?

house struck by lightning

Since lightning is an electrostatic discharge, it will form a power surge through electrically conductive materials such as metal and electrical wiring. Lightning will usually strike the highest point of the building and move through water pipes, rods, or wiring to form a connection with the ground.

Each strike of lightning contains about one billion volts of electricity. A lightning surge that moves through the metal structures and wiring of your home can, therefore, be incredibly destructive. Your home or office will most likely have severe damage and require intensive roof repair or replacement services.

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Lightning Strike Damage

Lightning can cause damage to your house in three common ways: fire, an explosive surge, and with shock waves.

Fire Damage

house fire from lightning strike

A lightning surge can emit enough heat to set surrounding materials like wood and insulation alight and cause a fire. A house’s roof and attic are especially susceptible to fire damage as it is usually close to the point that gets struck and conductive structures such as metal gutters and water pipes. If your property experienced a fire, restoration services like All Dry USA can help repair structural damage while we can help replace your roof.

Power Surge Damage

In many cases, lightning will find its way to the ground via a home’s electrical wiring which can damage all devices and appliances that are connected to the electrical system.

Too much electrical pressure on the delicate electrical wires and components inside your computer, tv, or another device can cause them to burn, short, and stop working.

Shock Wave Damage

A direct lightning strike can emit shock waves powerful enough to move chimney bricks, roof shingles, and other roofing components. Falling bricks and shingles can cause severe damage to your roof.

Signs of a Lightning Strike

house wires power outage after storm

In most cases, you will be able to notice evidence of a lightning strike to your house, sometimes long after the hit. Common signs that your home was struck include:

  1. A power outage
  2. The presence of a fire or sparks
  3. The smell of melting plastic or smoke
  4. Physical damage to the structure of your property
  5. A humming or buzzing sound

If you are home during the strike, you may immediately realize that lightning struck your house because of the proximity of the loud sound and the proximity of the flash.

What Can You Do?

Having a roof lightning protection system in place is critical to prevent a lightning strike and the resulting damage to your home.

If your house doesn’t have a roof lightning rod and a lightning strike damaged your roof, then Authentic Restoration can help. Our roof damage repair services are of the highest standard. We’ll work with your insurance if a damage claim exists.

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