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10% for all gable roofs, 15% for all hip roofs

If you’re a Roofing Contractor and have worked with insurance claims, you’ve heard this before. You also know how ridiculous this is. Would anyone believe the waste factor for the two roofs below could be the same? However, most insurance adjusters will attempt to pay 10% for both without any factual data to support that approach. What can you do to stop this practice?

Cap and Starter are bundled into the field shingles calculation and are part of waste

This is another ridiculous myth propagated by the insurance companies as it allows them to underpay the roofing claims. A close look at the cost breakdown for field shingles, ridge cap and starter course shows that the labor rate for cap and starter is well over 2 x more than the labor rate for field shingles. Below is the description from Xactimate for what is included in RFG 240 (3 tab 25-year composition shingles). Where is there any mention of cap and starter? Many Insurance Adjusters would have you believe everything but the kitchen sink is bundled into this line item when in fact, it simply covers the shingles, 15 lb felt, roofing nails and installation labor. Dump fees, haul off, disposal and labor to remove the materials previously on the roof are covered by the remove portion of RFG 240.

It’s really difficult to estimate complex roofs accurately
Accurately ordering materials is a pain in the xxxx.

Multi-level, complex roofs are difficult to estimate. Note the word large wasn’t included. That’s because it is the smaller, cut up hip roofs that can often have the highest waste percentage. A 7.5% variance of waste on a 30 square roof would be 2.33 squares. That’s $500 to $600 variance on the estimate. It could be the difference between winning and losing the bid. Why flip a coin or guess at the accurate estimate for materials when there is a tool available to provide you with accurate numbers? Let’s take a closer look at the Authentic Restoration roof wast calculation worksheet.

Roofing Waste Calculation Workbook

This workbook takes into account all waste factors for 3 tab composition and architectural laminated shingles. There is a separate workbook for both of these shingles types as there is a slight difference in the math for a couple of the trim cuts. The waste calculation workbook accounts for the valley underlayer, valley trim, rake trim cuts, sidewall and end wall trim cuts as well as a factor for accounting for crew error and handling waste along with roof penetrations.

There are 3 pages in this workbook that deal with the math. Don’t be intimidated, all that is required to use this work-book is to fill in blanks for roof area and the lengths for valley, leaves, rakes, hips, ridges, sidewalls and end walls. The remainder of the 3 pages explains the math for the insurance adjuster when they insist “10% for all gables, 15% for all hips” is their method of estimation.

There are 6 additional pages that explain other aspects of estimating such as (1) Valley underlayer; (2) Why hip/ridge cap must be paid as a separate line item; (3) Why stater course must be paid as a separate line item; (4) Exhibits of Xactimate™ roof sketches that mathematically prove why 10% for all gables and 15% for all hips absolutely is inaccurate; and (5) A poll exhibit from expert roofers showing that insurance estimates are near always short on materials.

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Results of the Roof Waste Calculation Worksheet – It Works

We have been using a simpler form of this worksheet for over 5 years. It has worked. In fact, is has been very effective. !00%? No, are you kidding? There are no 100 percenters in this business. I would conservatively estimate this worksheet has helped us get 300 squares and more per year approved every year we’ve used it. That’s a minimum of 1,500 squares. Do the math though. That’s in the range of $300,000 total in roofing cost we’ve added to our jobs. Each company or person’s success and amounts will vary depending upon the volume of roofs you replace each year and your individual capabilities in adjuster meetings and with supplementing. We are finally seeing a slight increase in insurance companies paying for cap and starter as separate line items. This can make a HUGE difference in the job price.

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Due to the amount of time it requires for me to send out the file and to answer the number of unsolicited phone calls I frequently receive, the Roof Waste Calc Worksheet will no longer be a free download. If you wish to receive a copy, please fill out the form below and then click on the Donate key to donate $100 via Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account to make this donation, you can use a credit card in the Paypal app to make the payment.

I have received well over 1,000 requests for the Roof Waste Calc Workbook since establishing this page. At just 2 minutes each handling time to respond to each request, that is 33 hours spent just sending out the workbook over the past 18 months. That doesn’t count all the unsolicited support request calls. It’s also my opinion that less than 10% of the requesters end up investing an adequate amount of time (which is minimal) to learn to properly utilize the workbook. In other words, since it has been free, people get it and then do nothing with it which is a waste of their time and mine. If you intend to actually use it, you’ll pay back your $200 investment hundreds if not thousands of times over with increased payments from the insurance scopes of loss. More than me making money off this, the $200 is intended to at least minimize the number of people requesting the workbook to those who are committed to using it. If someone is suffering financial hardship to the point they cannot afford the fee, just email me and I will provide it at no charge as long as you are committed to using it. Thank you.

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