Annual Roofing Inspections Is It Worth The Cost

house on a lake with a gray roof
Out of all the costs that you could incur as a homeowner, home maintenance is one of the largest and most unpredictable ones. When it comes to roofing, the costs can skyrocket if you fail to keep up with maintenance properly.

The best way to avoid pricey roof maintenance costs is by doing an annual inspection. While most modern roofing materials should last you about 10 years or more, you could never predict what kind of roofing damage might be sustained after bad weather or any other disasters.

If you’re not a professional roofing contractor, then the annual inspection is something that you definitely should leave to the pros. Here is more information about roof inspections.

Cost Of Roof Inspections

The cost of annual, general roof maintenance inspections could vary, depending on what is included. A base price of $200 is a good place to start from; however, some companies may charge more to check other roofing areas, such as the interior attic view of the roof.

Some companies may also charge extra for a contracted annual check. It might be good for you to invest in a regular annual check up of your roof condition, especially if you’re not in the habit of getting it checked to begin with.

Reasons For Annual Roof Inspections

Even if an annual check might cost you an extra hundred or two hundred dollars, it could mean saving you tons of money in the end. The point of doing annual roofing inspections is to catch problems before they get too big, and too expensive to fix.

Most companies will even throw in the cost of repairs, as long as they’re minimal. For example, if you’re paying $300 to $400 for an annual inspection (which could be a total overcharge for a general inspection, depending on where you live), most companies will throw in shingle repairs or tile replacements for free, if that’s all that needs to be done.

Most companies will also throw in other minor repairs, along with your annual inspection payment, or even throw in a discount on major repairs, if needed. If you keep up with these minor repairs, you could prevent a lot of expenses down the road, and even prolong the life of your roof.

What Can A Professional Do For You?

Sure, there’s no stopping you from doing an inspection on your own. A quick glance might give you some clues as to what condition your roof is in, or it may not. Hiring a professional to do your roofing inspections can mean the difference between a healthy roof this year, and the next year to come.

If you were not trained on what to look for, you wouldn’t be able to tell if something in your roof needs attention. A professional roof inspector will go beyond the appearance of your roof to inspect evidence of cracks and leaks, the condition of the fascia, gutters, drains, skylights, chimneys, vents, and many other areas.

A professional will also look for any areas that might be collecting, or could collect water. These are just some things that you will get with an annual roof inspection. You also will never have to be in the unsafe situation of climbing ladders, and being so many feet up in the air, on top of your roof.


Although it’s an extra charge that you might not prefer to pay, an annual roofing inspection can be considered an investment for your future. It’s a preventative measure that’s as important as the foundation of your house.

Your roof is the part of the house that’s the most exposed to the elements, and it deserves all the protection you could give it. Just make sure that the company you hire to do your roof inspections is legitimate.

Avoid roofing scams by hiring a reputable and well-established company. Also, you should only pay once the job is done, never before. All these measures should ensure that you have a roof that will actually protect you and your home, for years to come.