Completing Your Roofing Project in Wake of Coronavirus

roofing coronavirus

At Authentic Restoration, we’re fully focused on the health and safety of our team and we also have your well-being uppermost. We are rigorously following all guidelines issued by the CDC and other notable health agencies as COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to unfold.

What happens if you need a roofing project completed during these challenging times, though?

Luckily, here at Authentic Restoration, we can still carry out a range of duties under certain restrictions. We’ll explain below how we can achieve this while sticking to all guidelines in place.

We’re acutely aware of what’s panning out globally as well as throughout Alabama, North Carolina, and Indiana. We want to impress upon you that we’re able to continue bringing you our stellar service as we work within the safety guidelines laid out. Our whole team is fully briefed and supplied with strict guidelines to promote social distancing and to adhere to all standard procedures for preventing the spread of coronavirus as much as possible.

The vast bulk of the diagnostic and repair work we carry out takes place outside your home. We take full advantage of technology to reduce the interaction we need to have with you. We can perform site visits without entering your home. Satellite imagery allows us to access data for measuring up projects. We use a range of communication tools from smart phones to live video chat to consult without needing to pay a personal visit. We can even finalize everything with paperless documents signed electronically.

Whether you’re an existing client or you’ve just decided to engage our services, we’re here to help you every step of the way during these unprecedented times.

You made the right choice with Authentic Restoration. We’re here to do our part in reducing the spread of COVID-19 while bringing you as close to normal service as possible.