Roof Flashing and What it Means to Your Home

Your roof is an essential part of your home’s structure. It protects the building against the elements and ensures that your walls and personal belongings stay dry. Since moisture protection is one of a roof’s primary functions, it follows, then, that your roof should be completely waterproof.

Without proper roof flashing, your roof can allow water to seep inside your home. Keep reading to learn more about roof flashing and why it matters to your home.

What is Roof Flashing?

Usually, flashing is a strip of galvanized metal, for example, copper or aluminum. Installation of these strips is necessary to waterproof and protect places where there is a joint between roof surfaces. Examples of these areas include dormer tops and roof section joints like valleys.

Flashing also serves to keep moisture away from joints between roof surfaces and chimneys, skylights, and vents. Since joints between the roofing and these structures are open and susceptible to water damage, installing flashing is crucial to safeguard these areas.

Professional roofing companies like Authentic Restoration provide property owners with flashing that is designated for installation around specific structures. Skylight, vents, and dormer suppliers may also offer flashing that is compatible with their products.

Why Does Flashing Matter?

Flashing protects vulnerable areas on your roof against moisture and the influx of debris and dirt. Water can have a pretty devastating effect on walls, roof trusses, and other structural components. If water enters your home in an uncontrolled manner, it can also damage your carpets and your personal belongings, for example, paintings and musical instruments.

According to All Dry USA, water leaks into your home can be more debilitating than one may think. It can increase the humidity in your home, stimulate the development of bacteria and mold, and initiate the decay process of wooden structures.

Without sufficient moisture protection, you may have to undergo extensive and costly repairs in the near future. By adequately installing high-quality flashing, you will save yourself a lot of trouble and money over the long run.

Proper Installation

Purchasing high-quality flashing that accommodates basic movements during temperature changes and that offers sufficient protection against moisture is not enough. You also have to install the flashing correctly on your roof.

If you have no professional experience in roof flashing, you may want to consider leaving the job to a professional and certified roofing company. Incorrect installation will not only result in moisture damage, but reinstalling flashing is costly and can be prevented.

Incorrect installation can also limit the lifespan of the flashing as it may become loose and susceptible to wind damage or bending.

After successful flashing installation, it can be beneficial to conduct annual roof inspections to ensure that your flashing is performing as it should and that your roof is in excellent condition.

Damaged or Malfunctioning Flashing?

Authentic Restoration specializes in roof flashing. We offer the following services:

  • Metal roof flashing
  • Roof to wall flashing installation
  • Roof edge flashing installation
  • Roof valley flashing installation
  • Roof flashing repair

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