Temporarily Patch a Roof

brick and white home with dark gray roof
If you have already contacted your roof technician to come out, because your roof started leaking, then you will want to maintain it temporarily until they get there.  It is important to do this, because anything you do to protect your roof while you are waiting for the roofers will help prevent additional damage.

Water has a way of getting in any area if there is a leak, therefore, the more you do to help cover it, the better. However, what can you do while you wait for the roofers to get there?  If you contacted them and they told you they were booked up the following day, you will need to take a few measures to help your roof. Here are a few key techniques that you can do while you are waiting.

Before you continue with any of these steps, please make sure to use the utmost caution and safety. Please do not work on your roof while it is raining or when there is an electrical storm, because it could cause bodily harm to you.

Cover The Roof With A Tarp

Covering a leaking roof with a tarp can help with the extra water that seeps down into the cracks. However, you need to make sure you secure it tightly. Place a cord or rope through the tarp holes and secure it to a tree, or something stable so it will not fly off.

It is not recommended to place a heavy object on top of the tarp, because they have a tendency to move or fall, and that could hurt you or cause additional damage to the roof. Tying it to something secure, like a tree, will allow the tarp to hold against the wind.

Use Rust-Oleum

Rust-Oleum is great for waterproofing cracks and damage for temporary abrasions. It is a fantastic emergency solution, since it contains materials like epoxys, latex, and polyurethanes to ward off moisture.

Rubber Roof Repair

A lap sealant can temporary repair damaged roofs that have had debris fall down on top of them, causing cracks and holes. Please be advised when using lap sealant, to not over use the product, because it make it harder for the roofers to repair the roof. So, use a small amount on the roof for temporary means.

Flat Roof Repair

If you have a flat roof, you can use a few different techniques for temporary solutions. If there are cracks or leaks that you can locate, then you have a few options.

One is to use a paint on solution for the leaks, or some people have used a long wooden board that did not go over the edge of the house, in case of causing extra, un-wanted damage. You can use the paint on solution for felt roofs as well.

Fiberglass Roof Damage

If your home has a fiberglass roof, then temporary fixes would be simple to achieve. If you know where the leak or damage is, use soap and water to clean it off well, and apply an acrylic sealant around the crack or hole. This process make it easy for the professional repairmen to scrap it off and then fix the crack or hole permanently.


Repairing a roof is essential for preventing additional long-term damage to your home. You can use the techniques given above while you are waiting for the repairman to fix the damaged roof. These techniques are used as a precaution to stop extra wood damage or ceiling damage.

Therefore, you can continue to live in a more peaceful state as you await the roofing repairman. Again, please use caution while going through these techniques, like using a sturdy ladder to get to the roof, or using gloves when applying the proper solutions.

Safety is necessary in all these scenarios; however, make sure you contact your roofer as soon as you know when there is a leak. Authentic Restoration will be able to give you some additional advice on temporary fixes, while you wait for us to fix them permanently.