Watch Out for These Signs of a Potential Roof Collapse

roof collapse

Whether you are the owner of a residential or commercial property, the last thing you need is a collapsing roof. Not only can a collapsing roof result in damage to the rest of your property and belongings, but it can also be dangerous to any occupants. Restoring a roof that collapsed can also cost a good deal of money to repair.

You, therefore, have to do everything within your power to prevent your building’s roof from collapsing. The good news is that keeping an eye out for the signs can help you to prevent such a devastating event from taking place. Have a quick read below as the expert roofing contractors at Authentic Restoration take a closer look at preventing a roof collapse.

Things to Pay Attention Close To Before a Roof Collapse

Weather Damage

The first sign to look for is weather damage, especially after a severe snowfall, lightning storm, or wind. Weather damage that can eventually result in a collapsing roof include the following:

  • The weight of snow and fallen trees or branches
  • Loose chimney bricks or broken shingles,
  • Clogged water gutters and downspouts that can cause water accumulation and leaks

Sagging Roof and Support Structures

Sagging is a clear sign that your roof’s support structures are under strain. Decaying roof trusses, compromised gables, and structurally lacking walls may not be able to carry the weight of your roof for much longer if they start sagging.

A sagging roof may also be due to roofing materials that are too heavy for the support structures. Contact a professional roofer immediately to find the cause of the sagging and prevent the roof from collapsing.


Cracks in the exterior masonry, interior walls, or ceiling are signs of structural problems and insufficient roof support. Several underlying issues can cause these cracks, including foundation issues. A professional roofer will be able to identify the cause of a crack and recommend a suitable solution.

Water Leaks

The presence of water in places other than your plumbing is never a good sign, especially when it comes to your roof, attic, or ceiling. Inspect your property’s water drainage system for blockages and defects at least once per month.

Bending Door Frames

The first sign of structural movement is when your doors and windows are difficult to open or close. If a door-frame that was in perfect condition yesterday is severely bent today, take immediate steps to rectify the situation, especially if you notice additional problems like leaks or sagging.

Shifting Sprinkler Heads

If there is movement in the ceiling or pressure the pushes down from the ceiling onto the fire sprinklers, they will shift, push down, or move out of their housings. Misalignment of the fire sprinklers is a clear indication that your roof needs attention.

Preventing A Roof Collapse

There are several things that you can do to prevent your roof from collapsing. Firstly, conduct a routine inspection of your roof to detect sagging, moisture, mold growth, and broken shingles. Also, keep an eye out for the signs listed above.

When you notice cracks or deteriorating trusses, you need the services of a professional roofing company. Authentic Restoration is a team of roofing specialists who provide high-end roofing installation, maintenance, and repair solutions.

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