Why You Should Consider a Warranty

Installing a new roof can be very pricey, so it’s a major investment. Usually, it’s something you will have to do only once or twice over the years. Roof replacement is such a rare event, that you might even overlook the idea of obtaining a roof warranty.

It’s essential for any homeowners out there to be aware of the importance of choosing the right coverage to protect their investment. It’s really hard to look into the near future, but here are the reasons why you should consider obtaining a roof warranty.

Warranty And Quality Go Hand In Hand

A high-quality roof replacement or repair typically comes with the best warranties. These roofs are usually replaced by highly trained and certified roofing contractors. With such professionalism comes the best possible warranties.

Therefore, it’s logical to say that there is a strong correlation between a high-quality installation process and an excellent level of coverage for your roof. This is why it’s important to get a roof warranty in order to assess the quality of work from the contractor.

More Comprehensive Coverage

A standard shingle warranty will only cover the material that goes against the manufacturing defect. It does not cover other roofing components such as vents, flashing, water shields, underlayments, and labor costs.

However, an upgraded warranty, on the other hand, can give you comprehensive coverage that covers the entire roof system, as well as the labor costs. Keep in mind that if the issue is due to poor workmanship, then you will lose out on limited warranty coverage.

Transferring To A New Owner

If you are planning to sell your house in the future, then a new roof will come with a transferable warranty. That can make buying the home appear more attractive to other home buyers.

Usually, when a new owner purchases a house, it does not come with a roof warranty. If they see that a new house has an existing warranty, it will be a major confidence booster for anyone considering purchasing your house.

Warranty Longevity

The length of the warranty depends on the quality and the type of the shingles that you choose. An upgraded warranty can provide you with 20 to 50 years of coverage, and 25 years of workmanship coverage. Therefore, the higher the quality of the shingles that you choose, the longer the warranty coverage that you will receive.

At first, it’s easy to avoid a roof warranty, because we think a rare incident will never occur to cause major damage. However, if we consider the benefits and importance of a warranty, it will all make sense. Anything can happen at any time, and nothing should be taken for granted.


An excellent roof warranty will ensure that you have hired high-quality, certified, and well-trained contractors to fix your roof. It’s important to opt for comprehensive coverage that will cover roof flashings, under-layments, labor costs, and water shields.

Also, when you have a roof warranty, it will raise the value of your property and boost the confidence of home buyers that your house has a stable foundation. Therefore, getting a roof warranty will only benefit you in the long run.