Why You Shouldn’t Work on Your Own Roof

When you spot a fault on your roof, your first instinct is to mend it as soon as possible. Some faults, like a leaking roof, do deserve that kind of urgency. However, failing to contact a roofing company to repair your roof is not always a good idea. There are several reasons why you should always call a roofing company, no matter the time or the size of the fault in question.

You Lack The Right Tools

If your roof has a problem, it is not good to climb up and begin working on it on your own. Repairing a roof requires the right tools for the job. You may successfully climb up to the faulty area, but find that you lack several key tools for the repair.

You may realize you don’t have a screwdriver, for instance, and will resolve to using a hammer, which can end up doing your roof more harm than good. However, a roofing company comes armed with all the necessary tools, and the results of their work are more than impressive.

You May Lack The Expertise Required

Repairing a faulty roof requires an expert to determine the size of the damage, and if the entire roof may need a complete overhaul. When you decide to fix the roof yourself, you may overlook some key weaknesses, which may eventually make it cave in.

Often, even after successfully spotting where the problem is, doing a 100% perfect job on your roof requires an expert to see to it that the problem will never recur.

It’s Not Safe

When the roofing contractors send professionals to repair your roof, they come with the right gear for the job. They don helmets, overalls, special shoes for a nice grip, and gloves. If you decide to fix the problem yourself, you probably won’t be clad in the right attire for the job. This makes you vulnerable, and you can sustain injuries through falls, cutting, and sliding down the roof.

The Results Won’t Be As Impressive

Calling the roofing company, whenever your roof needs attention, is a better idea than doing it on your own. Whereas the roofing company leaves your roof good as new, you may lack the right tools and skills, so there will be a big difference between the repairs you both made. The experts will complete a seamless makeover, while you may clearly leave an incomplete mess.

It’s Risky

Roofing is a generally risky affair, which requires the utmost caution at all times. One bad step will find you hurtling through the air, heading for the ground. If you deem it wise to mend your own roof, bear in mind that you are over 20 feet from the ground.

This would be an unnecessary risk that you’d be exposing yourself to. You may unknowingly stand on a weak portion of your roof, and it might cave in. Roofing experts can take these risks for you, as they are accustomed to doing that type of work, and they are also insured.


A roof is a very sensitive area of your home, and its condition and appearance matter a lot. One thing homeowners need to keep in mind is that roofing companies do not solely major in designing and making roofs, but also in fixing any issues arising on those roofs.

As a homeowner, leave the fixing of your roof to the experts so that you can stay safe and not endanger your life. The results will always impress you, and they may point out areas which might need attending to in the future.