A Better Alternative to Vinyl Cedar Shakes

brava cedar shake siding

There are a lot of homeowners who love the look of cedar shake siding, and with good reason, but since natural cedar is expensive, many people turn to vinyl cedar shakes instead. If you’re looking for a better alternative to vinyl cedar shakes, our experts at Authentic Restoration are here to help.

Many issues with vinyl shakes can quickly become major problems. Here’s a look at just some of those issues, as well as information on why Brava Roof Tile is the superior option.

Why Vinyl Cedar Shakes Aren’t the Best Choice

Poor Durability

Nothing makes a home look rundown more than cracked siding. Vinyl cedar shakes are prone to cracking as natural temperature variations cause them to contract and expand. Over time, this repetitive movement causes splitting.

In general, vinyl cedar shakes are quite fragile. They don’t stand up to rough weather well, which can be an issue no matter where you live but is even more noteworthy in areas with frequent storms. It isn’t just the weather you have to worry about, though.

Even doing something as simple as mowing the lawn can cause problems should a stray stone hit this type of siding.

Maintenance Hassles

Vinyl cedar shakes can even be damaged by good weather—they fade within a few years with standard sunlight levels. You could repaint, of course, but that will only be a temporary fix. Before long, the paint will start to crack and eventually fall off.

Cleaning can also be a challenge as the method of choice for most homeowners—power washing—can be too rough for vinyl cedar shakes. At the least, it can cause cracking. At the worst, the water can get into the membrane, leading to mold and mildew inside your house.

Moisture Problems

Vinyl cedar shakes are also notorious for moisture problems – and not just from power washing. As they are typically installed directly over insulation, the shakes may trap water vapor. When that happens, you’re looking at the same potential risks as with power washing. The moisture may enter your home and cause mold or mildew. Worse, since the moisture is continuous, it could rot the framing in your walls.

Fire Danger

If you’re looking for siding that will help protect your home in case of fire, vinyl cedar shakes aren’t a good option as they have a low firing rating. In fact, you might not even be allowed to install vinyl cedar shakes if you live in an area with a high fire risk or strict building codes. Some areas don’t permit their use for safety issues, and an unsafe product is the last thing you want to be attached to your house.

Poor Installation Can Cause Major Headaches

Most professional installers take the time to install siding properly, or at least they should. But there are a few that cut corners to cut costs or finish quickly. When it comes to vinyl cedar shakes, improper installation can lead to severe issues.

For example, if nailed too close together, vinyl cedar shakes can bulge out over time, making them even more prone to cracking and weather-related damage. On the other hand, loose vinyl cedar shakes let in too much water, leading to the moisture problems mentioned above.

Brava Roof Tile – The Best Alternative to Vinyl Cedar Shakes

If you’re tired of dealing with all the hassles of vinyl cedar shakes – or you’d rather not deal with them at all – consider Brava Roof Tile. Brava Shake shingles come in a variety of thicknesses, they’re durable, and they look great. They also come with a 50-year warranty, so you know they’re made of the highest quality materials.

Brava Roof Tiles make a perfect alternative to vinyl cedar shakes for siding or roofing. They are rated Class A – the highest in the industry – for fire protection and require very little maintenance. These synthetic shingles can also stand up to winds as high as 115 mph – that’s the equivalent of a major Category 3 hurricane.

Even better, Brava Roof Tiles are made from sustainable, recycled materials, making them environmentally friendly as well. There’s simply no better choice for your home.

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