How a New Roof Affects Your Home’s Curb Appeal

home curb appeal

Your home’s curb appeal is vital for several reasons. The improved curb appeal of any house can increase its overall value. However, a shabby, rundown appearance can make your property seem unwelcoming and impersonal. To find out more about how a new roof increases a home’s curb appeal, and for all the residential roof repairs and new roof installation work you need, call Authentic Restoration Roofing Rocky Mount at (252)904-3995.

Creating a Design Element With a Roof

It’s easy to overlook the design of a roof, but a few simple touches and updates to its slope and construction can enhance your home’s appearance. For example, you might add cross gables, which are similar to dormers but without “cheeks” or side walls. Cross gables add lots of charm and elegance to a home.

If your house has lots of windows, shutters, large exterior trim work, or other such details, you might opt for simple roof lines. Clean and simple lines help avoid a cluttered and busy appearance outside the home and allow other features to stand out.

Updating the Color

A drab and dull charcoal gray roof does little to enhance the appearance of your home, whereas an updated color adds lots of visual appeal and style. A reddish tone works well with a brick home whereas a slate gray coordinates with a modern home and metal and glass fixtures.

An updated roof color also ensures that an otherwise dull home exterior color doesn’t look too bland and boring. For example, shingles with a bluish tinge dress up gray or white aluminum siding and deep brown roofing tiles keep a tan-colored home from virtually disappearing into the horizon!

Updating the Home’s Appearance

A new metal roof or updated roofing shingles might make an entire home look updated and new! You might not even realize that your home’s current drab and outdated roof is detracting from your home’s appearance. But once you have a new roof installed, you might be surprised at the improvement to your home overall.

For example, exterior brick often looks brighter while siding seems cleaner after a new roof installation. Shutters and other trim might also seem to “pop” under that new roof, becoming more noticeable and attractive overall. You don’t need to do anything else to your home to make it look brand new but choose an updated roof style!

Older Roofs Detract From Curb Appeal!

While a new roof might add to a home’s curb appeal in many ways, keep in mind that an older roof tends to detract from a home’s appearance just as much. Water stains, soot stains, discolored tiles, dry and brittle tiles, and other such damage can make a house look downright shabby even if the roof is structurally sound.

The more serious the damage to a home’s roof and the older and more worn those tiles, the more unattractive your entire property seems! Curled shingles, missing shingles, sagging areas, and other such pronounced roof damage make for a very unsightly home and detract from its curb appeal overall.

Professional Roofing Makes All the Difference!

A new roof enhances a home’s curb appeal and appearance in an instant, but only if you leave this work to the pros. A professional roofing contractor does more than replace worn and damaged shingles. He or she might note how to improve the overall structure and design of the roof, as said, and might suggest updated tile colors, a metal roof, and other such options.

A new roof also adds insulation inside the home and protects it from water leaks and resultant mold growth, all while making your house look good. When you’re ready to enhance your home’s curb appeal and create a stunning new look for your property, call the home renovation pros at Authentic Restoration, (252)904-3995.