Why You Should Avoid Storm Chasers

storm chaser door knocking

If your neighborhood has been affected by strong storms and high winds recently, beware of contractors knocking on your door offering to fix your home’s roof! “Storm chasers” are shady or disreputable contractors soliciting business after a storm has passed through. How do you know the difference between a storm chaser and a legitimate, reliable roofing contractor? Check out some tips below and be sure to call the home repair and renovation experts at Authentic Restoration, (252)904-3995, for all your home roof repairs and replacement needs.

Avoiding Storm Chasers

Homeowners often don’t realize the dangers of working with roofers and out-of-state contractors who arrive on their doorstep after storms. One reason to avoid storm chasers is that disreputable contractors might create damage on a roof to charge homeowners more money to fix it!

Some storm chasers ask for full payment or a large deposit before work begins and then disappear without doing any work. Disreputable contractors might also use low-quality materials for roof repairs or work with a poorly-trained crew. Out-of-state contractors might also be unfamiliar with local building codes so that your roof repairs or new roof might not pass inspection!

Because many storm chasers are located out-of-state or have no fixed address, homeowners often cannot get a refund for shoddy repairs and unfinished work, or track down contractors who disappear with their deposits. To avoid these serious and costly risks, only deal with reputable contractors for any home repairs you need to have done, including reroofing.

Choosing the Right Contractor to Work With

How can you tell the difference between a reputable contractor and a storm chaser? Consider a few quick tips:

  • Remember that reputable, reliable roofers are typically very busy after a storm or stormy season, so they usually have no need to knock on people’s doors to drum up business! A roofer coming to you and offering to perform repairs should be your first red flag that they are not reliable or reputable.
  • Some disreputable roofing contractors will present themselves as roofing inspectors or insurance adjusters and ask for, or outright insist on, a roof inspection. They then give you a list of needed repairs and suggest you work with a particular roofing company or offer to arrange repair work for you.
  • However, unless you’ve contacted your insurance agency and asked for an inspection, you can be sure that you’ve been contacted by a storm chaser!
  • A reputable contractor is always happy to show potential customers their business license and proof of bonding and insurance. Ensure that any contractor is licensed with your state and has an insurance policy with a reputable, well-known provider.
  • Check if someone needs a permit to solicit business door-to-door in your city. If so, ask any contractors that come to your door to show you their solicitor’s permit. If they don’t have one, there’s a good chance they’re from out of state and not a reputable contractor.
  • Check the person’s vehicle for advertising, including a phone number, website, business license number, and the like. Ensure the vehicle has a license plate from your state. If the person hands you a business card, note if the company has a physical address and not a post office box.
  • Never work with any contractor who insists on receiving cash or personal checks only. Putting invoices on your charge card offers some added protection and ability to get your money back in case of shoddy repairs.

The last point to remember is that a homeowner should always contact a roofing contractor, not the other way around, after a storm. This allows you time to find a reputable company with a solid reputation for customer satisfaction. For all your home’s roof repairs and replacement needs, call the pros at Authentic Restoration, (252)904-3995.